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18 June 2014 (Wed)

12:30~13:30 Pacific Supply CO., LTD.

In our workshop booth seminar, we invite three occupational therapists to share their clinical case reports of the treatment and rehabilitation with using the MURO solution and Sprints for recovery of upper limb functions. The challenges and measurements are also shared.
The presentation is a symposium style.
We will hand out the light meal at the seminar.

14:30~15:30 Abilities Care-net Incorporated

The concept of our electric wheelchair is to be able to run safely anywhere. The electric wheelchair named UNiMO can realized it. We introduce the achievement process about the unique electric wheelchair in the world. We adopted a crawler belt from the viewpoint of intuitive security and running performance. We have been able to balance the small turn and the running at bad road such as a rocky road, a bumpy road or a snowy road.

19 June 2014 (Thurs)

12:00~13:00 Hyogo Prefectural Rehabilitation Central Hospital

The Robot Rehabilitation Center in the Hyogo Rehabilitation Central Hospital is configured with an adjacent research institute. Both staffs, clinicians and engineers, cooperate on clinical research and developments through exchanging expertise.
We report about our team approach to myoelectric hands mainly. In addition, we talk about our activities at the Robot Rehabilitation Center and results.

14:00~15:00 OG Giken Co., Ltd.

IVES PLUS has 6 modes.
From these modes, I would demonstrate the application of power assist mode electrical stimulation. This mode is believed to ameliorate the upper limb paralysis in stroke patients. The way it works is that the device senses the weak electromyogram signal from the paralyzed muscle and electrically stimulates the muscle proportionally.
In this workshop, I will explain the way the IVES PLUS should be used in the power assist mode and the way the device must be used for different patients of different levels of motor function paralysis.

20 June 2014 (Fri)

12:30~13:30 SAKAI Medical Co., Ltd.

Introduction for muscle assessment with Hand -held Dynamometer (Mobie)

To quantify the assessment value is increasing for objective evaluation.
Above all, it has been said that muscular assessment for upper body is difficult in terms of interrater and intrarater reproducibility.
St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital introduces know-how for muscular assessment implemented by them.

14:30~15:30 ITO Co., Ltd.

“Introduction to Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation therapy for motor dysfunction after stroke.”

In this workshop, basic theory of Neuromuscular electrical stimulation(NMES) for motor dysfunction in stroke patients will be explained and demonstrated.
NMES can be applied to a hemiplegic upper limb as a supplementary method in combination with regular occupational therapy programs in order to recover motor function or prevent disuse muscle atrophy. Videos on how to combine regular occupational therapy with NMES will also be introduced. Contraindications and cautions for NMES will also be explained with basic principles on how to set parameters for a safe and effective use of NMES. We look forward to seeing you at our workshop.

21 June 2014 (Sat)



Fusion of Future Rehabilitation and Robotics


It will be important to improve the living environment for the patient or the elderly people when returning to their home from hospital by utilizing the assisted equipments (welfare equipments) and improving house.
For providing and maintaining the living environment for the patient or the elderly people properly, various kinds of occupation has to have kept in close contact with each other in order for supporting those.

We will discuss about the living environment maintenance at the time of leaving hospital, based upon the viewpoint of three professionals such as The Occupational Therapists, Care Managers, the assisted (welfare) equipments corporation.


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