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Exhibition Information

Dates 18 June 2014 (Wed) – 21 June 2014 (Sat)
*Open to the general public
Venue Pacifico Yokohama, Exhibition Hall B
Schedule 18 June 2014 (Wed) 8:00 ~ 18:00
19 June 2014 (Thurs) 8:00 ~ 18:00
20 June 2014 (Fri) 8:00 ~ 18:00
21 June 2014 (Sat) 8:00 ~ 17:30

For full support when shipping your materials to Japan please contact the following International Freight Forwarders appointed by the WFOT 2014 Congress.

Ishikawa Gumi, Ltd.

Floor Map(as of May 30)


Nihon Medix manufacture physical therapy devices. We are planning to present the sample to the visitors who would respond to the questionnaire of the impression that tried the muscle re-education using the high voltage therapy equipment.
We are also planning to exhibit the upper limb training equipment, the various compact muscle strength dynamometer, the sEMG that can easily evaluate of back pain, the CO2-enriched water system and the rehabilitation game machine that can enjoy rehabilitation as playing.
Please visit us at our booth.
The distinguishing feature of Matsunaga wheelchairs is that they provide stability to the pelvic region thus offering greater protection to the pelvis when seated. As a result, this extra stability allows users to enjoy eating meals in comfort and with greater focus, maintain a comfortable position when moving independently and also helps to ease the family's burden. Matsunaga hopes to improve the quality of life for both our users and their families.
Booth №34 Assist, Inc.
  • EMG sensors, etc.
  • Wireless data logger
  • Coaching and image analysis software
  • Three-dimensional motion analysis system
  • Force plate measurement system
  • Timing system
Booth №4NAC Image Technology
NAC Image Technology, manufacturer dedicated to image instrumentation, launches new products!

Remote Eye Tracker: EMR ACTUS
This cutting-edge eye tracker does not require “Calibration” process which normally has to be done before measurement due to the new technology “CAL Free”. This technology contributes to measure the subject which is difficult to complete the calibration procedure such as Child and the subject who has disabilities. And also it makes easy to measure the large number of examinee.
Booth №5IMAC Co., Ltd.
Here, patients must bear increasing amounts of weight during each phase of the rehabilitation process until they are finally capable of bearing their full body weight.
Our new gait analysis system, StepAid, makes it easy to determine the appropriate pressure by using a sound mechanism to differentiate various weights and guide the patient to the appropriate amount.
Booth №6DKH Co. Ltd.
2D/3D Video Motion Analysis System “Frame-DIAS V”
Since 1994, the Frame-DIAS video motion analysis system has been widely accepted among 1000 users. A 3D analysis can be established by using 2 cameras at least. Various types of video camera and recording media are available. It is also possible to use your own cameras. You can launch a flexible, portable system, which helps to acquire your data regardless of anywhere even if outdoor situation. The Analysis Program provides kinematic and kinetic parameters. The Frame-DIAS can import and analyze a C3D file from other motion capture system, such as the VICON.
Booth №7Pearl Star Co., Ltd.
Booth №8Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Daiwa House Industry Co.,Ltd.Robotics Business Department
    Robot Suit HAL® will assist walking, standing, and sitting for elderly people and people with paralysis by expanding and improving physical capabilities.
  • Therapeutic Robot PARO
    It allows the documented benefits of Pet Therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended care facilities, where live animals present treatment or logistical difficulties.
Booth №9OG Giken Co., Ltd.
We’re going to conduct a product demonstration of the Integrated Volitional control Electrical Stimulator (IVES (GD-611, 612)). IVES offers six treatment modes, including Power Assist Mode, which features real-time output of electric stimulation in proportion to the amount of myoelectricity detected in the area being treated. At our booth, you can use the actual device to experience each of treatment modes for yourself.
Booth №10SAKAI Medical Co.,Ltd.
Sakai Medical Co., Ltd. is creating new rehabilitation which integrates the field of medical, welfare, and health. This time we exhibit a variety of products from 3D (dimensions) motion analysis system to Splinting Materials. The Rolyan Splinting workshop, which enjoyed great popularity last year, is held at our booth again this year. We sincerely would like you to come.
Booth №11Hyogo Prefectural Rehabilitation Central Hospital
Booth №12Yazaki Kako Corporation
Yazaki Kako Corporation produces assistive devices such as shower chairs, handrails, and step stools.
To create a safe and comfortable barrier-free environment for both the caregiver and the care receiver, and to support self-help efforts, we offer the improvement of housing and the development of user-friendly assistive devices serving the individual's needs.
We continue to provide a better way to help all users enjoy their own lives.
Booth №13System-network Corporation
With the examinations of the upper limb cooperativeness evaluation, there is an examination that determines how well the patient can trace a geometrical pattern that is prepared beforehand to draw a shape that is the same as the original pattern. This is a device that creates a software for this examination and measures by using a tablet terminal. This enables a quantitative evaluation and allows the immediate display of examination results as well as data analysis results.
Booth №14Panasonic Corporation
"Digital Mirror" is a system that combines a large half-mirror with digital technologies hidden behind it to provide innovative rehabilitation navigation programs for care facilities and hospitals.
It allowing for rehabilitation training, scientific measurements and records keeping of these measured data.
Individualized programs can be created per patient and quick comparisons made between past and present data.
It contributes to improving quality of rehabilitation along with higher worker efficiencies.
Booth №15University of Sothern California
Booth №16New York University, Department of Occupational Therapy
Booth №17Japan Foundation of Occupational Therapists
"The Japanese Federation of Occupational Therapists" do best endeavour to aid development and growth of Occupational Therapy in Japan linking with JAOT.
JFOT was established on December 6th, 2009.
The president of JFOT is Ms. Motoko Sugihara who is the former president of JAOT.
JFOT membership is prerequisite for JAOT member. The present time, JFOT has about 1000 members and the annual fee is ¥2000.
Everybody is welcome to join JFOT membership.
Booth №18Maney Publishing
Booth №19Pearson Clinical Assessment
Booth №20TAKANO CO., LTD.
We introduce our new products wheel chair cushion for maintaining seated position which called “LAPS” and BodiTrak which is elastic smart fabric sensors. LAPS is very new in shape and it support to keep our pelvis stable. By all means, please do experience the greatness of LAPS with sensing sitting pressure by BodiTrak.
Booth №21Creact Corporation
We will show Tobii C15Eye, an Eye control and Gaze interaction system, with communication software and early eye gaze learning software.
Booth №22hny International Co., LTD
The Portable Spring Balancer (PSB) is developed as a support device for people with disability or difficulty in theirupper limb muscle, or with thyrotrophic or paralysis. The PSB help you to support your arm(s) movement by using tension generated by spring within the device so that you could maneuver your arm with slight effort.
The tension for arm support can be adjusted to fit various muscle strength.
Booth №23NAK Corporation
medi orthopedics
medi orthopedics has developed an “intelligent” functional therapy product range, designed to treat the deficiencies in our “locomotion system” with specific emphasis being placed on joint function treatment, protection and rehabilitation. We always try to make products with comfort while wearing, ease of use and functionality for patients using innovative new techniques.
We provide many kinds of orthosis like a thoracolumbar brace, Spinomed, through having long-term studies.
Booth №24WELFAN Co., Ltd.
Co., welfans, will be on display at the exhibition two products. Name is a Kaisoku walker and a Saisyo no ippo. Saisho no ippo is a new type walker that is fitted with a center grip, to be operated with one hand. Kaisoku walker is possible to stabilize the attitude of Hemiplegic by wide supporting surface. By all means, please take a look.
Booth №25Honda Motor Co, Ltd
Introduction of Honda Safety Navi for rehabilitation for driving ability assessment support software
Honda sells "Honda safety Navi (simplified simulated driving device software for rehabilitation)" which is driver education equipment to support training and evaluation of the operation for person during rehabilitation with therapists.
Features include rehabilitation for driving ability assessment support software
  • Can be evaluated by adaptability to cognition and judgment and range of visual information during operation and measured and reaction rate of brake operation and accelerator, to be compared with operating data of healthy subjects and data experience result
  • Can recognize objectively the current state of capacity for self- driving , acceptability can be improved
  • Simple operation , space-saving , high cost performance design
And the specifications can experience driving environment is realistic in the wide field of view (optional ) is also there on three sides display.
Honda will continue its responsibility and give you all assistance you need of everyone.
Frontier Co. Ltd has three main lines of businesses.
The first of them is sales and rental of home care equipment.
The second, we are offering specialized home modification for elderlies.
The third of them is operating dispensing pharmacy.

On our booth, you can see some excellent home care equipment.
  • Wheelchair : Moduler type & Comfort type
  • Rollator : it supports people in walking with light and rhythm
  • Lift : Putty stand
Please try to use them and enjoy with us!
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Booth №27Kyushu Occpational Therapy Public Relations Department
Our organization has been founded by occupational therapists who loves "therapy"in Kyushu island. We carry out promotional projects to have general public widely know about occupational therapy.

On WFOT 2014, we exhibit Manga, Japanese comics becoming popular throughout the world, as means to bring a better understanding of occupational therapy considered to be recondite.
Booth №28Kanagawa Association of Occupational Therapists
Booth №29WFOT
Booth №30Allen Cognitive Group / ACLS and LACLS Committee
Booth №31Paciffic Supply CO., LTD.
Booth №32ITO Co., Ltd.
ITO CO., LTD produces and exports Electro Physical Agent devices to over 80 countries in the world
We will exhibit Electro Physical Agent including electrical stimulation devices, therapeutic ultrasound devices, combination devices, and etc.
Small and portable devices will also be displayed.
Such devices can be used for control of pain, regaining motor function, prevention of disuse muscle atrophy, and etc.
Please come and visit our exhibition booth!
Booth №33SLACK Incorporated
Booth №34Journal of Occupational Science
Since its establishment, Paramount Bed co., Ltd. has been providing products which would make the environment of medical and care facilities more comfortable.
This time, we would like to introduce you new-home care bed “Rakusho Z series” , patient lifter and sliding sheet and etc., which would support safer bed exiting and transferring from the bed.
Booth №37Japan Service Dog Association
Booth №38Tyromotion GmbH
Booth №39Abilities Care-net Incorporated
We have been introducing assistive device and training device from the world to the field of medical and care in Japan since 40 years ago, ahead of the market. At our booth, you can see and try mainly made-in-Japan products, such as devices for individualized rehabilitation and evaluation, training equipment with game element, mobility equipment helping the elderly people/people with disability to be more active.
In our booth, exhibition and description are provided you about the structure of Japanese Public Nursing Care Insurance, the assisted equipment (welfare equipment), and disinfection process for those.
It is difficult for aging of Japan because Japanese aging society moves forward with an incomparable speed in the world, and hospitals and/or nursing facilities are facing to the difficulty of supporting the elderly people who needs health-care aids.
It has to be significant to the Occupational Therapists to get to know the assisted equipment that is utilized in-hospital and in-house.
Please stop by our booth.
Booth №41Otto Bock Japan
Ottobock will exhibit MYOBOCK system, providing not only the introduction of the product but also the hands-on. It will be able to operate MYO hand using MYOBOY and electrodes. Additionally, we will introduce the wrist, hand, arm and shoulder orthotics; The Omo Neurexa shoulder orthosis which corrects and stabilizes the paretic shoulder and facilitates rehabilitation, especially gait training. The wrist supports in the Manu 3D product line provide moderate stabilization of wrist, and Thumb splint Thumboform Series stabilizes the CMC and MCP Joint of the thumb for the treatment of hand problems. You are always welcome to our booth.
Booth №42JAOT(TBD)
Booth №43Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists
Booth №45Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
You can manage the body pressure by using our sensor ‘SR Soft Vision’. Because it is soft and have excellent durability (the sheet part of ‘SR Soft Vision’ is made of rubber) , it can be used in the daily rehabilitation field. We have gotten a favorable reception around the hospitals and nursing homes. And we have added new product which can be used with smart phones and tablets.
Tokai rubber industry will support you to make your rehabilitation ‘visualize’ by ‘SR Soft Vision’.
Booth №46Nishiura Co., Ltd.
We display our latest rehabilitation equipments for basic care of chronic disease as specialist.
Booth №48P.A.S. Corporation
We have been introducing the variety of the lifestyle products such as the wheelchair, the seating system, snoezelen, and other universal products to "Enrich your life with comfort and joy" as our catchphrase. The original exercise machine with a three-dimensional structure comes up too.The original exercise machine with a three-dimensional structure comes up too.
We’d like to introduce system of upper limb used as a standard of the world “ARAT” and “BBT”. And also we’ll introduce the magnetic device and electrotherapeutic device with various functions.
Please come to our booth and so do the various exhibitions.
Booth №50IMI CO.,LTD.
Booth №51Japanese Association of Occupational Therapy Students
Booth №52Technotools Corporation
The MOMO is a new and easy to use upper extremity orthosis for patients such as Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, Parkinson disease, cervical cord injury. The power of its spring supports an arm and enables to move their arms with little muscle power.
The MOMO keeps an arm at fixed height. The MOMO Prime, an upper model, assists an arm for up and down motion.
Booth №53Yamato., Ltd

Esthetic Equipment&Products
Booth №54MEDICUS SHUPPAN Publishers Co., Ltd.
"Rehabilium KIRITSUKUN"
- Developed in collaboration with Kyushu University and Nagao Hospital, this epoch-making gaming software enables individuals to continue stand-up training which, if trying on your own, is hard to continue.
- This towel warmer, which can be used in hospitals and care homes, automatically dispenses disposable hot towels. Please have a look.
SAKURAHORIKIRI is a company selling an original handicrafts kit. There is the handicrafts kit which si most suitable for the program of various types of facilities and nursing home.
<Domestic sale only>
Booth №56Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
Booth №57Lee Seisakushitsu
Lee Seisakushitsu provides positioning products to promote optimum posture for the people with severe disabilities. With the know-how gained from years of experience in this field, we have been creating simple, yet functional products from the users’ point of view, “what if we had. . . ..” Through our products, we try to facilitate safe transport and transfers, and to assist various types of positioning in daily life.
Booth №58GODAI EMBODY Co., Ltd.
We exhibit assistive tools for Autistic Children mainly. We have been working for mentally handicap and autistic people for 20years to supply and develop the assistive tools.
  • ComfyPanel(CalmDown Space, Partition )
  • VoiceRuler(VoiceCheckTool for Autists)
  • VOCA-PEN(Recordable Reading Pen)
  • MemoDayPlanner(Schedule Check Tool)
  • CognitiveFunctionTrainingSystem(COGNUSEsystem)
Booth №59Social Welfare Coporation Saitama Fukushikai
Booth №60Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.
We are a supporter manufacturer that especially focuses on locomotor apparatus diseases of joints and muscles. Along with that we have been developing Power Assist Wear series, on which are applied “pneumatic rubber muscles,” to achieve severe locomotor apparatus diseases support that is difficult to offer with the technique and functions of existing supporters. We are mainly exhibiting and introducing our first step of Power Assist Wear series: Power Assist Glove, and RDT Sprint which is under development.
Booth №61Taica Corporation
Taica Corporation is presenting the SORA Cushion for wheelchairs which has a “push-up” function. Inside of SORA Cushion there are 20 cube shaped air cells which periodically swell and shrink from front to back and from side to side to create a “push-up” effect.
An automatic internal pressure management system maintains the proper dispersion of body pressure, and prevents bedsores to offer comfort even during long hours of wheelchair use.
Booth №65Tokyo Metropolitan University
Booth №66Assist CO., LTD
Booth №68

The Program in Occupational Therapy, Washington University School of Medicine

Booth №69Somna AB
Booth №70

Soshinkai Co.,Ltd./ Institute of Rehabilitation Management & Entrepreneurship

Booth №71Merci Corporation


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