WFOT Congress 2018

Poster Programme

The WFOT Congress 2018 Poster Programme will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 May 2018.

Posters provide a static visual display of new techniques, programmes, research or professional innovations, providing an ideal medium for presenting complex visual material. Posters will be on display for ONE DAY during the Congress, thus giving presenters the opportunity to meet with delegates and discuss the poster on the designated day.

There will be standard and guided posters. Both types will be on display for ONE DAY and the guided posters will include focussed discussion and viewing of selected themed posters. Guided Posters are coded as 'GP' in the programme and will run concurrently to orals and in congress workshops. They will be held in the Exhibition Hall. Presenters will have the opportunity to make a short verbal presentation (no PowerPoint) and accept questions.

Please ensure you select 'landscape' orientation and 'Background graphics' in your print settings when you print this.

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Poster No: Poster Type Time Presenter Name/s Title Category
SPT001 Standard All Day Megan Chang Systematic Review of Interventions within the Scope of Occupational Therapy on Basic ADLs for Older Adults Living in the Community: A Systematic Review Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT002 Standard All Day Nancy Richman Safety Vs. Independence: The Role For Therapy in Respecting Autonomy  Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT003 Standard All Day Arlene Schmid Merging Yoga and Occupational Therapy (MY-OT) Improves Balance and Fall Risk Factor Management after Stroke Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT004 Standard All Day Peter Bontje Co-creating possibilities for resuming occupation emerging from daily life and therapeutic situations: A focus-group study of Japanese occupational therapists' perspectives on supporting older persons with physical impairments Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT005 Standard All Day Marie Jönsson Possibilities and hindrances in daily occupations for older readmitted people discharged to home Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT006 Standard All Day asuka sato Effects of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy on Patients with Schizophrenia Complicated by Dementia Symptoms Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT007 Standard All Day Muhammad Romli The Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool: An Important Home Hazards Instrument for Falls Prevention and Intervention Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT008 Standard All Day Masami Yasunaga Predicting feelings during activities of adult daycare users by service providers-The balance of challenge and skill of flow model- Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT009 Standard All Day Kinsuk Maitra Home is where everything begins: Design characteristics of home that promotes ADL performance Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT010 Standard All Day Pierre-Yves Therriault The challenge of primary prevention of falls in an aging population: an innovative program in this area Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT011 Standard All Day Jessica Kersey Implementation of a client-centered intervention to reduce frailty-related disability: A feasibility study Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT012 Standard All Day Asnat Bar-Haim Erez Qaulity of life and participation among elderly: are there contributing resilient factors in various cultural groups Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT013 Standard All Day Theresa Westgård Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Pilot of a randomized control study in a Swedish Acute Hospital: A Feasibility Study Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT014 Standard All Day Chiung-ju Liu Applying interactive computer games to reduce fear of falling in older residents in an independent living community: Findings from two single subject studies Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT015 Standard All Day Rebecca I Estes Characteristics of Older Adults Facilitating Aging-in-Place Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT016 Standard All Day Angelica Reyes A standardized review of smartphone applications to promote balance for older adults Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPT017 Standard All Day Barry Trentham The potential role of occupational therapists in the co-creation of age-friendly cities and communities Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP10202 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Elke Kraus Assessing the occupational status of children in Germany with the PEAP - a multi-perspective standardized assessment and process instrument Assessment & Intervention
SPT018 Standard All Day Tore Bonsaksen Differences and similarities in therapeutic mode use between occupational therapists and occupational therapy students in Norway Assessment & Intervention
SPT019 Standard All Day Kristine Haertl Therapeutic Benefits of Personal Writing: Research and Practice Assessment & Intervention
SPT020 Standard All Day Aliza Sagiv Functional Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (FLOTCA): Administration and scoring Assessment & Intervention
SPT021 Standard All Day Nighat Tahir Oral Motor Sensory Stimulation Techniques for the Habilitation of Early Feeding Skills (EFS) for Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia   Assessment & Intervention
SPT022 Standard All Day Hirofumi Tanabe Effect of Constraint-induced Movement Therapy for Severe Chronic Plegic Hand Assessment & Intervention
SPT023 Standard All Day Suzi Davey Introduction to Basic Lymphoedema Management Techniques and Practical Application Assessment & Intervention
SPT024 Standard All Day Denise Donica Pros and Cons of Community-Based and School-Based Implementation of a Developmentally-Based Keyboarding Instruction Tool Assessment & Intervention
SPT025 Standard All Day Miia Rahja Are we undertreating? An audit of current occupational therapy practice for people with dementia in Australia Assessment & Intervention
SPT026 Standard All Day Julie j. Desrosiers Concept analysis of functioning and potential applications to mental health evaluations Assessment & Intervention
SPT027 Standard All Day Nathalie Veillette The Functional Status Assessment of Seniors in the Emergency Department (FSAS-ED) Assessment & Intervention
SPT028 Standard All Day Rahiza Bueno Rodrigues The assessment of functional performance profile as a mechanism for improving the school inclusion of autistic process in Rio Grande-RS-Brazil Assessment & Intervention
GP10206 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Sheau-Jing Hsiao Comparing the effects of play intervention and skills training on children with autism Assessment & Intervention
SPT029 Standard All Day Elizabeth Peterson An exploration of fall-related, psychosocial variables in people with multiple sclerosis who have fallen Assessment & Intervention
SPT030 Standard All Day Moffat Makomo A Community based Teen life skills program: The Bermuda experience Children, Youth and Families
SPT031 Standard All Day Carol Siebert Occupational Therapy Intervention to Support Diabetes Self-Management Children, Youth and Families
SPT032 Standard All Day Allison Hausman An Agricultural and Horticultural Transition Vocational Program for Adolescents with Special Needs Children, Youth and Families
SPT033 Standard All Day Amabel Ng Parent's Experience and Perceived Benefits on Child's Participation in the School Readiness Group Programme Children, Youth and Families
SPT034 Standard All Day Adele Breen-Franklin Voices of Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Two Distinct Communities: OT Support and Social Groups Children, Youth and Families
SPT035 Standard All Day Karen Jacobs Perspectives on the use of a telehealth service-delivery model as a component of school-based occupational therapy practice:  Designing a "user experience"  Children, Youth and Families
SPT036 Standard All Day Kinsuk Maitra Motor Impairments Associated with Speech and Language Impairments in Children: A Meta-Analyses Children, Youth and Families
SPT037 Standard All Day Nirit Lifshitz The effect of age and gender on obesity, physical fitness and wellbeing among Israeli adolescents with and without learning disabilities (LD) Children, Youth and Families
SPT038 Standard All Day Pat Chung Greater 'choice and control'? parent/carer views about personal health budgets for children with physical disabilities who use rehabilitation therapy services in England Children, Youth and Families
SPT039 Standard All Day Chloe Muntefering Yoga Improves Perceived Occupational Performance, Balance, and Balance Confidence for Adults with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: A Pilot Study Children, Youth and Families
GP10201 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Angelique Kester Vietnamese Caregivers Reflections on Activities of Daily Life in Relation to the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Children, Youth and Families
GP10203 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Zainab Jasem Play of children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions: a scoping review Children, Youth and Families
SPT040 Standard All Day Alicia Ridout Use of the Kawa model to support co-design of an intervention for the BRIGHT Trial (NIHR:15/166): Brushing RemInder 4 Good oral HealTh -  the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a digital behaviour change programme to improve the oral health of children living in deprived areas Children, Youth and Families
SPT041 Standard All Day Kristin Beurmann and Casey Herseim A Multi-Sensory Based Curriculum for Pre-School and Kindergarten Children: Blending OT and Teaching Children, Youth and Families
SPT042 Standard All Day Jennifer Dessoye The Effectiveness of a Multi-Sensory Center-Based Learning Curriculum in Pre- Kindergarten Students Children, Youth and Families
SPT043 Standard All Day Yuko Nishimura Impacts of the self-study of social resources on negative symptoms and quality of life in people with schizophrenia who are long-term users of psychiatric day programs Children, Youth and Families
SPT044 Standard All Day Emmanuelle Jasmin Occupational therapy services in Quebec (Canada) schools Children, Youth and Families
SPT045 Standard All Day Angelique C.M. Kester Stories, Wishes, Worries and Needs of Caregivers and Health Workers in Vietnam Children, Youth and Families
SPT046 Standard All Day Jed David Pakiramdam: The Inner Perceptions of a Filipino Community by Creating a Shared Definition of Mental Health Children, Youth and Families
SPT047 Standard All Day Marzieh Pashmdarfard Participation of Iranian Cerebral Palsy Children in life areas: a systematic review Children, Youth and Families
GP20307 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Emmanuelle Jasmin Clinical practicums in kindergarten from low socioeconomic neighborhoods: An exploratory study Children, Youth and Families
SPT048 Standard All Day Yvonne Milton Occupational therapy home programmes forchildren with unilateral cerebral palsy usingbimanual and modified constraint inducedmovement therapies: A critical review Children, Youth and Families
SPT049 Standard All Day Sinem Kars The Model of Creative Ability in vocational rehabilitation: A case study on the Autistic spectrum Children, Youth and Families
SPT050 Standard All Day Kathryn Barnes Implementation of a Fine Motor Program in a Pre-Primary and Primary School in Rural Rwanda: A 16-Week Doctoral Residency Project Children, Youth and Families
GP10207 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Anat Golos The effect of gender and culture on children's performance and participation in daily activities in the educational setting Children, Youth and Families
GP10109 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Sheau-Jing Hsiao A Reflective Journey of Occupational Justice by an Occupational Therapist in a Pediatric Ashram Children, Youth and Families
SPT051 Standard All Day Melissa Bonnel Evaluating the use of music and movement as a treatment intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in addressing motor dyspraxia and social skills Children, Youth and Families
GP10204 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Hsiu-Man Chiu Different Relationships of Theory of Mind to Different Types of Social Interaction in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Children, Youth and Families
SPT220 Standard All Day Julia Barnes Perceptions of Disability in Filipinos Living in Rural Areas of the Philippines Children, Youth and Families
SPT053 Standard All Day Marie-Josée Drolet Ethical issues of occupational therapy private practice in Quebec-Canada Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT054 Standard All Day Andrew Freeman Advancing Occupational Therapy's Role in New Area : Identifying the Conditions for Success Contemporary Practice Issues
GP-10101 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Shirley Wells Disaster Preparedness and Health Screening: An Opportunity to Train Emergency Responders of OT Students and Practitioners Through Participation in Operation Lone Star Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT055 Standard All Day Alicia Ridout Digital co-design: cutting a new path for occupational intervention during transitions for young people with complex physical disabilities using a person centred online tool Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT056 Standard All Day Lara Cowpe Cautionary tales from the coalface: the search for meaning and occupational balance in life is not easy in the performance driven world of neoliberal capitalism Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT057 Standard All Day Suzanne Huot Opportunities for advancing global perspectives on occupational science Contemporary Practice Issues
GP10102 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Yunwha Jeong Occupational therapy in the contexts of a natural disaster: A scoping review Contemporary Practice Issues
GP10103 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Tamami Aida An attempt to facilitate support for vulnerable populations during disasters through partnership with support groups for disabled individuals Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT058 Standard All Day Yvonne Thomas Values-based occupational therapy practice: Do we know what our professional values are? Contemporary Practice Issues
GP10106 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Stephanie Huff Conceptualizing Gender Equity within Occupational Therapy and Science: A Critical Dialogue Surrounding the ways in which Women both Experience and Resist Occupational Injustices. Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT059 Standard All Day Jami Flick Human Trafficking and the Emerging Role of Occupational Therapy Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT060 Standard All Day Rachel Heeb A comparative analysis of disability policy in the United States and Canada through an occupational lens Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT061 Standard All Day Cecilia Kallhed Strategies to manage activities in everyday life after a pain rehabilitation program Contemporary Practice Issues
GP10105 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Glenn Japeth Dia "The Level of Disaster Preparedness Among The Selected Non-institutionalized and Institutionalized Elderly Residents in Metro Cebu: A proposed disaster preparedness guideline" (Philippines) Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT062 Standard All Day Amshuda Sonday Professional role transgression as a form of occupational consciousness Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT063 Standard All Day Serena Blank Facilitating student learning through a social justice-based curriculum: Students' perspective in broadening the knowledge and capacities of occupational therapy and occupational science in evolving areas of practice Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT064 Standard All Day Robin Baker GoTherapy in Ghana: A Sustainable Approach to Occupational Therapy in Coastal Ghana Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT065 Standard All Day Pierre-Yves Therriault Use of technology to support the daily activities of an aging peoples: a review of the literature to help occupational therapists deal with this increasingly important challenge Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT066 Standard All Day Fatma Gün Effects of Theatre Activity on Communication and Interaction Skills of People With Disabilities Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT067 Standard All Day Rita Fleming-Castaldy Connected in Justice: Harnessing Local Resources to Confront Social and Occupational Injustice, Empower Marginalized People, and Enable Health and Well-being Subtitle: Afya: An International Occupational Therapy Case Study in Making a Global Impact Contemporary Practice Issues
GP10205 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Kristie Patten Koenig and Stephen Shore Reframing Autism: Authentic Partnerships with Autistic Self Advocates to Guide Research, Teaching and Service Delivery Contemporary Practice Issues
SPT068 Standard All Day Karen Jacobs A multi-site project to promote cognitive support technology use and employment success among postsecondary students with traumatic brain injuries Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT069 Standard All Day Dorothy Bethea Interprofessional Education: Designing Effective Simulated Case Scenarios Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT070 Standard All Day Deborah Francis Transitioning Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant Graduates into Clinical Practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT071 Standard All Day Diane Powers Dirette Guidelines and tips for successful scholarly publication Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT072 Standard All Day Jennifer Kaldenberg Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Vision Rehabilitation Services among Older Adults Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT073 Standard All Day Louisa Wong Digital inclusion in education: Using self-directed gaze-interface to enhance self-learning in Chinese for children with motor, speech and oculomotor impairments Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT074 Standard All Day Rebecca Aldrich Creating mutually beneficial international educational collaborations: Lessons learned from four global contexts Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT075 Standard All Day Tore Bonsaksen Approaches to studying predict academic performance in undergraduate occupational therapy students: a cross-cultural study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT076 Standard All Day Kathlyn Reed Personal Influences on Meyer's Article "Philosophy of Occupation Therapy" Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP10208 Guided Poster 4:00 – 5:30 Denise Donica Efficacy of using a Game-Based Keyboarding Tool to Improve Keyboarding Skills of Elementary Aged Students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT077 Standard All Day Gabriela Pereira Vasters Social Occupational Therapy and Methodological Approaches to Teaching: A Study of Draft Laws in Brazil Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT078 Standard All Day Ton Satink The Power of Doing: Self-Management Develops Through doing of Everyday Activities Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT079 Standard All Day Pamela Roberts Implementation and Outcomes of a Post-graduate Fellowship Program in a Focused Area of Study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT080 Standard All Day Stijn De Baets SOCRE: Developing Social Rehabilitation through Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT081 Standard All Day Ruth Goldeen A therapeutic use of YOGA to address Occupational Therapy goals throughout the lifespan and around the world using a bio-psycho-social model Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT082 Standard All Day Sarah Wilson Exploring the potential of a model of occupational therapy practice: Can the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability support managers and supervisors in staff management and development? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT083 Standard All Day Sok Mui, May Lim Evaluation of Team based learning in first year Occupational Therapy module Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT084 Standard All Day Dee Christie Planning Occupational Therapy conferences – working in collaboration with a member organisation Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT085 Standard All Day Rahiza Bueno Rodrigues Perception of Occupational Therapy Teacher on Pedagogical Training Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT086 Standard All Day Ann McDonald Family Power:  Lessons From the Field and Popular Culture Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT087 Standard All Day Ursula Meidert Cooperatives for Therapists - An Innovative Approach for Current Challenges in Professional Independence   Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT088 Standard All Day Claudia Merklein de Freitas Diversity in gender identity - what Occupational Therapists (OTs) can offer! Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT089 Standard All Day Yvonne Thomas Developing a student-led clinic in the UK to promote community health and wellbeing Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT090 Standard All Day Niki Kiepek Preparing learners for practice: Designing competency-based Simulated Experiential Intensives for Fieldwork Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT091 Standard All Day Tara Casimano Exploring Tools to Support the Fieldwork Educator Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT092 Standard All Day Sandra Bressler Developing an Accreditation System for Canadian Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant Education Programs Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT093 Standard All Day Lorraine Closs and Teresa Avvampato Developing Opportunities, Collaboration and Preparedness for Practice: Evidence on Interdisciplinary Placement Models Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT094 Standard All Day Chi-Kwan Shea Engaging the millennial students: problem-based, high-fidelity simulations, and team-based learning strategies Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT095 Standard All Day Leanne Sadowsky A Competency-Based Canadian Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant Student Fieldwork Evaluation Form Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT096 Standard All Day Arnaud Schabaille The evolution of the professional identity of Occupational Therapy (OT) students over the three years of training in France Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT097 Standard All Day Eunice Luyegu An Occupational Issue: Where are the Women in Technology? 50/50 by 2030? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT098 Standard All Day Bettina Weber An online module for international cooperative learning: ICC@home   Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT099 Standard All Day Liliana Paganizzi About the emergence of the social foundations of our profession: Argentinian professional activities in the '80s Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP10104 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Rod Charlie Delos Reyes Occupational therapy on the margins: the aftermath of disaster Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT100 Standard All Day Rachel Heeb Setting the landscape for inquiry in occupational therapy education: a systematic mapping review of theory in the literature, 1940-2015  Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT101 Standard All Day Glenn Japeth T. Dia Creative Partnership builds M.A.R.C.H. Village Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT102 Standard All Day Joseph Wells Entry Requirements and Admissibility of the Foreign-Trained Workforce to Practice in the United States of America Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT103 Standard All Day Colette Carroz Becoming fit for the rehabilitation of clients with Parkinson's disease after deep brain stimulation implantation- an experience report about the development of competencies.  Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT104 Standard All Day Farzaneh Yazdani Rationale for using the Rasch Analysis model in developing occupational therapy tools; lessons learned from developing the Occupational Wholeness Questionnaire (OWQ) Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT105 Standard All Day Anat Golos Perceptions, expectations and satisfaction level of occupational therapy students prior and after practice placement Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT106 Standard All Day Tara Collins Continued Competency in the Role of Fieldwork Educator: A Proposed Exploratory Survey and Descriptive Study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT107 Standard All Day Hanlie Pitout Leaving the silos: Inter-professional education at a Health Sciences University in South Africa Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT108 Standard All Day Imogen Gordon, Loren Lewis and Huget Desiron Preparation for an uncertain world: international curriculum development for mental health occupational therapy Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT109 Standard All Day Nadine Larivière What are the needs for a professional doctorate in Occupational Therapy according to Occupational Therapists in Quebec (Canada)? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT110 Standard All Day Ann Johansson Occupational adaptation in vulnerable EU citizens when begging in Sweden Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT111 Standard All Day Donna Drynan Evaluation of the Quality of Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Experiences Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT112 Standard All Day Sarah Wilson Developing Centres of Excellence: An innovative approach to connecting, empowering and supporting practitioners and managers in their journey of service development underpinned by the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT113 Standard All Day Kim Roos Intercontinental collaboration of research and education: Experiences of the research project "Group Training Outcomes Measurement Study" Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT114 Standard All Day Lisa Knecht-Sabres The Impact of Extracurricular Interprofessional Education Events for Graduate Healthcare Students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT115 Standard All Day Wanda Mahoney and Peggy Martin The World Federation of Occupational Therapists and the Pioneering Internationalists of the Philadelphia School of Occupational Therapy 1952-1970 Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT116 Standard All Day Nadine Blankvoort OT-EU Expert Group: Occupational Therapy with Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Position Paper and Action Points for the Future Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT117 Standard All Day Elizabeth Anne Kinsella Learning about Mindfulness: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Investigation of Occupational Therapy Students' Written Reflections Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPT118 Standard All Day Tracy Van Oss Interprofessional Service Learning to Promote Health while Working Toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Health Promotion
SPT119 Standard All Day Marcia Hamilton Promoting Self Efficacy, Health and Wellness,  Starting with Ourselves Health Promotion
SPT120 Standard All Day Suzanne Rappaport Occupational therapy and circus arts: Gaining great performance Health Promotion
SPT121 Standard All Day Jeffrey Crabtree Public transportation is a social determinant of health, but, sorry, you can't get there from here Health Promotion
SPT123 Standard All Day Therese Lebedis Consultant Occupational Therapists - Demonstrating the Impact of Strategic and Clinical Leadership Roles Health Systems planning/development
SPT124 Standard All Day Luis Arabit Exploring the Meaning of Political Advocacy to Occupational Therapy Practitioners and Students Health Systems planning/development
SPT125 Standard All Day Raquel Martinez Investigating the Demand for Public Sector Occupational Therapy Services in Trinidad and Tobago Health Systems planning/development
SPT126 Standard All Day Shahd Al-Sarhan  and Nora Alanazi Satisfaction of Health Care Professionals at King Abdulaziz Medical City about the Role of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Health Systems planning/development
SPT127 Standard All Day Simoné Fuls Describing Occupational Therapy competencies for management of workers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in the clothing industry, Cape Metropole Health Systems planning/development
SPT128 Standard All Day Janet Njelesani Realization of the rights of persons with disabilities in Rwanda  Human Rights and Health
SPT129 Standard All Day Paul Penoliar Sex Trafficking Survivors' Perception of Returning to Work Human Rights and Health
SPT130 Standard All Day Paula Rabaey Mealtime insights: A Photovoice project with African American mothers and their young children Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPT131 Standard All Day Angela Benfield Using the Model of Evidence-Informed Professional Thinking(EIPT) to Support Achievement of Valued Clinical Outcomes in Occupational Therapy Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPT132 Standard All Day Katja Jäppinen Benefits of Occupational Performance Assessment in Psychiatric Assessment Impact of Occupational Therapy
GP10107 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Mark Kovic Advocacy and enablement to build capacity together. A contextual approach to facilitate occupational engagement for persons with differing abilities amidst Ecuadoran and Brazilian social realities Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPT133 Standard All Day Dianna Ullrich Steps to promoting occupational therapy within a pioneering process: using Kosovo as an example Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPT134 Standard All Day Dianna Ullrich Pioneering the profession of occupational therapy in the Republic of Kosovo: A guide for OT development in non-industrial countries Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPT135 Standard All Day Christina Blomdahl Manual-based Art therapy for patients with moderate to severe depression - a randomized controlled study Mental Health
SPT136 Standard All Day Christina Blomdahl Meeting oneself in inner dialogue: Manual-based art therapy as experienced by patients with moderate to severe depression, a qualitative study Mental Health
SPT137 Standard All Day Shuhei Tateoka Components of resilience among newly licensed occupational therapists Mental Health
SPT138 Standard All Day Tomoe Ebisu Relationship between functioning and psychiatric symptoms in long-term inpatients with schizophrenia in Japan Mental Health
SPT139 Standard All Day Donna Costa Managing Stress in College Students with Mindfulness Mental Health
SPT140 Standard All Day Gonca Bumin Is Multicontextual Cognitive Approaches Effective in Stroke? Mental Health
SPT141 Standard All Day Ingrid Bacon An exploration of the lived experience of codependency through Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: implications for occupational therapy Mental Health
SPT142 Standard All Day Sharon Zlotnik A new approach for assessing executive functions in everyday life, among adolescents with Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies (IGE) Mental Health
SPT143 Standard All Day Alexandra Lecours Psychosocial preventive behavior at work : an intervention target for occupational therapists Mental Health
SPT144 Standard All Day Alexandra Falvo The Use of a Music-Based Occupational Therapy Intervention, Quickshifts, with the Psychiatric Population Mental Health
SPT145 Standard All Day Shula Parush Sensory Modulation Disorder and Pain Among Individuals with Substance Use Disorder Residing in a Therapeutic Community Mental Health
SPT146 Standard All Day Cecilia Celo and Camilla Aadland Experiences of how to use a café and a print shop as a vocational rehabilitation arena for inpatients in a psychiatric ward in Norway Mental Health
SPT147 Standard All Day Hideki Yarita Promotion and Dissemination of Competitive Sports for People with Mental Health Problems Mental Health
SPT148 Standard All Day Bill Wong Individuals with Autism and Romantic Relationships- What is Occupational Therapy's Role? An Autoethnography Mental Health
SPT149 Standard All Day Ingrid Berggren Cognitive functioning, perceived ADL, health related quality of life and life satisfaction surgery in people with meningioma a pre- and post surgery. A pilot study. Mental Health
SPT151 Standard All Day Michelle Elizabeth Uys An Exploration of Patient Views of the Successful Elements of an Occupational Therapy Outpatient Craft Group Mental Health
SPT152 Standard All Day Wen-Yi Huang  Investigating the mediation role of self-esteem and moderation role of insight for self-stigma on quality of life in people with schizophrenia Mental Health
SPT153 Standard All Day Melinda Cozzolino Improving particpation in college school based occupations for students with learning disabilites: A Therapeutic Listening Program Mental Health
SPT154 Standard All Day Alta Stone Healing elements of an eclectic life skills programme:  Clients' perspective Mental Health
SPT155 Standard All Day Sharon Cermak Measuring Executive Function: Validity of the Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA) in College Students Mental Health
SPT156 Standard All Day Wan-Ju Huang 6-minute walk test in individuals with schizophrenia-A pilot study of psychiatric institute in southern Taiwan Mental Health
SPT157 Standard All Day Joseph Cipriani Cases Using Horticulture within Mental Health Practice in Occupational Therapy: Assessments, Innovations, Interventions, and Research Mental Health
SPT158 Standard All Day Michael Lee Connected in diversity: Building synergy in promoting mental health awareness across campus through mental health needs assessment Mental Health
SPT159 Standard All Day Pat Precin Cognitive Impairments and Intervention in Dual Diagnosis Clients Mental Health
SPT160 Standard All Day Nancy Clark The Lived Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Informal Caregivers in England: Early Findings Occupation based Community Development
SPT161 Standard All Day Nancy Clark Using a Capabilities Approach to enhance occupational therapists perspectives when working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caregivers Occupation based Community Development
SPT162 Standard All Day Isabel Margot-Cattin Mapping participation in activities and places outside home for older adults with dementia Occupation based Community Development
SPT163 Standard All Day Debbie Laliberte Rudman Living longer, working longer?: Negotiating occupational possibilities for labour force involvement when facing later life unemployment Occupation based Community Development
SPT164 Standard All Day Stijn De Baets Participation in the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Fibromyalgia: Using the Ghent Participation Scale (GPS) and the Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire (WORQ) for Mapping Occupation based Community Development
SPT166 Standard All Day Lee-Ann Jacobs-Nzuzi Khuabi The enablers and barriers to school re-entry and participation of adolescents with traumatic brain injury in ordinary high schools: A South African Perspective Occupation based Community Development
SPT167 Standard All Day Joyce Salls Globally Connected: Impact of International Service Learning on Cultural Perspectives of Occupational Therapy Practitioners Occupation based Community Development
SPT168 Standard All Day Lynne Andonian The Meanings and Occupations Associated with Computer Use of Older Immigrant Adults of Lower Socioeconomic Status (SES) within the United States who have Emerging Computer Skills and Limited Computer Access: A Mixed Method Study using Photovoice Methodology and the Computer Proficiency Questionnaire Survey (CPQ) Occupation based Community Development
SPT169 Standard All Day Ann-Lisbeth Højberg Activity and participation in young adults with Duchenne muscular dystrophy Occupation based Community Development
SPT170 Standard All Day Terry Crowe How Service Dogs Enhance Veterans' Participation in the Community and Home: Qualitative Perspectives from Two Studies Occupation based Community Development
SPT171 Standard All Day Karen Aranha Urban health in West Texas: Implications for Occupational Therapy (OT) Occupation based Community Development
SPT172 Standard All Day Seiko Watanabe What Role Can Occupational Therapy Play in Enhancement of Human Rights? Occupation based Community Development
SPT173 Standard All Day Kamilla Kielsgaard Exploring occupational deprivation in single migrant mothers living in Denmark Occupation based Community Development
SPT174 Standard All Day Ana Borges da Costa Circle dance as a teaching tool in occupational therapy Occupation based Community Development
SPT175 Standard All Day Anne Kiraly-Alvarez Understanding the lived experience of culturally diverse parents of children with disabilities Occupation based Community Development
SPT176 Standard All Day Beate Krieger "Providing security" and "helping to connect" - two ways how environments influence participation of adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders Occupation based Community Development
GP10108 Guided Poster 13:30 - 15:30 Sanetta du Toit Quantifying Occupational Injustice: Using the Assessment Tool for Occupational and Social Engagement (ATOSE) Occupation based Community Development
SPT177 Standard All Day Autumn Marshall A Community Based Outreach Program for Caregiver Empowerment and Abandonment Prevention for Special Needs Children in Haiti Occupation based Community Development
SPT178 Standard All Day Fanny Boucher Lefaivre For inclusive and safe outdoor activities Occupation based Community Development
SPT179 Standard All Day Hanne Lindberg Nejsum Cooking with dementia.A guide for the caregiver in how to develop individualized recipes. The guide intend to enable the person with dementia to maintain the ability to participate in meal preparation. To develop the guide parts of the activity analysis together with life story work were applied Occupation based Community Development
SPT180 Standard All Day Sylvie Tétreault How first grade OT students perceive otherness? Occupation based Community Development
SPT181 Standard All Day Jens Schneider The effects of coming-out on gay men's occupational life Occupation based Community Development
SPT182 Standard All Day Yu-Wei Chen The influence of intimate partner violence on young women's ability to work: findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health Occupation based Community Development
SPT183 Standard All Day Christina Schulze Children`s play in occupational therapy - A comparison between Switzerland, Ireland and Sweden Occupation based Community Development
SPT184 Standard All Day Sarah-Maude Gagnon Creating opportunities for occupational therapists to contribute to global health initiatives Occupation based Community Development
SPT185 Standard All Day Marina Leandrini de Oliveira OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY IN SOCIAL SERVICES: A BRAZILIAN SURVEY Occupation based Community Development
SPT219 Standard All Day Marina Pastore Routes of diversity: Africans and Brazilians interchanges Occupational Based Community Development
SPT186 Standard All Day Jun-Ding Zhu Treatment Efficacy of Action Observation Therapy in Subacute Stroke Survivors: A Case Series Physical Health
SPT187 Standard All Day Jose Rafols The Integration of Telehealth, Telerehabilitation and Tele surveillance in contemporary practice to connect marginalized and geographically displaced populations with occupational therapists and the transdisciplinary healthcare team: A review of Three Case-Studies to validate Usage and Assimilation Physical Health
SPT188 Standard All Day Katerina Ciharova SEMAFOR home (Smart Evaluation Methodology of Accessibility FOR home) - the objective tool for evaluation of barriers in the households of persons with disabilities Physical Health
SPT189 Standard All Day Charlie Ewer-Smith Work-related occupational performance problems reported by women attending the Complex Cancer Late Effects Rehabilitation Service Physical Health
SPT190 Standard All Day Charlie Ewer-Smith Using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure to illustrate changes in occupational performance and satisfaction following an intensive, tailored in-patient rehabilitation programme for those living with the complex late effects of cancer and its treatment Physical Health
SPT192 Standard All Day Isabel Fernandez  Laughter Yoga as a part of a Multidisciplinary Adult Neurological Rehabilitation. Theoretical aspects and tools for practical implementation Physical Health
SPT193 Standard All Day Heather Thomas The Influence of Pragmatic Reasoning Aspects of the Personal and Physical Contexts on Occupational Therapists' Intervention Choices for Addressing Contractures Physical Health
SPT194 Standard All Day Claude Vincent Service dogs used to manage post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and improve daily functioning in a veteran population: A one-group time-series design study Physical Health
SPT195 Standard All Day Claude Vincent Recommending mobility service dogs for people with motor impairments: consensus building for the development of guidelines in three clinical cases Physical Health
SPT196 Standard All Day Erastus Shuma Grip function, functional performance and pain following distal radius ulnar joint fracture Physical Health
SPT197 Standard All Day Sue Berger Collaborative goal setting with individuals post-stroke with aphasia Physical Health
SPT198 Standard All Day Jessica Kersey Caregiver Burden Correlates with Impaired Cognitive Flexibility Physical Health
SPT199 Standard All Day Kim Walder Reconstructing an occupational identity after stroke Physical Health
SPT200 Standard All Day Elaina Halkiotis Adaptive Bathroom Equipment for Adults with Disabilities Physical Health
SPT201 Standard All Day Veronique Gilbert Making Parenting Accessible for People with Physical Disabilities: the Role of Ots Physical Health
SPT202 Standard All Day Véronique Gilbert The role of occupational therapists with physically impaired parents: improving our understanding and interventions Physical Health
SPT203 Standard All Day Takuro Sakurai Report of 22 Cases of Glioma Treated with Perioperative Rehabilitation Physical Health
SPT204 Standard All Day Margret Buchholz Tablets and smartphones for everyone? - an interview study exploring experiences of remote communication among persons with communicative and cognitive disabilities using a structured methodology based on Talking Mats Physical Health
SPT205 Standard All Day Melania Ron Measuring Performance in Activities of Daily Living In Stroke: 6-, 12- and24-Months Follow-Up Physical Health
SPT206 Standard All Day Jaclyn Schwartz Three Dimensional(3D) Printing in Occupational Therapy: A Workshop on Adopting and Integrating 3D Printing in Clinics around the World Physical Health
SPT207 Standard All Day Junichi Shimizu Development of new grip of long cane for visually impaired children Physical Health
SPT208 Standard All Day Ching-Ping Huang Satisfactory survey of motion sensing games in people with hemiplegia in Taiwan Physical Health
SPT209 Standard All Day Ching-Ping Huang Preliminary analysis of computerized cognitive training for persons with Parkinson's disease-a randomized controlled trial Physical Health
SPT210 Standard All Day Charlotte Blomgren Long-term performance of instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) inyoung and middle-aged stroke survivors- Results from SAHLSIS outcome Physical Health
SPT211 Standard All Day Celia Bentley Healthcare experiences of women with visual impairment and how occupational therapists can help ensure their needs are being met Physical Health
SPT212 Standard All Day Sophie Schweitzer Impact of participation on behavioral neuropsychiatric disorders associated to dementia: an  non-pharmacological approach in institution Physical Health
SPT213 Standard All Day Tracey Earland Integrating a Behavior Activation Approach within Occupation-Based Intervention to Reduce Depression in Older Adults with Low Vision Physical Health
SPT214 Standard All Day Kristina Tomra Nielsen Identifying, organising and prioritising ideas on how to enhance ADL ability in persons with chronic conditions   Physical Health
SPT215 Standard All Day Yvonne Randall Enhancing Driving and Community Mobility within Occupational Therapy Education Rehabilitation
SPT216 Standard All Day Janet Craik Enabling safety, health and well-being for drivers with musculoskeletal conditions: The Canadian action plan to advance research, practice, education and policy Rehabilitation
SPT217 Standard All Day Isabel Margot-Cattin Examining community transport mobility transitions in an ageing society using an occupational lens Rehabilitation
SPT218 Standard All Day Mariana Bonetto Development of a neuropsychological battery for drivers with milddementia Rehabilitation



Wednesday 23 May 2018
Poster No: Poster Type Time Presenter Name/s Title Category
SPW001 Standard All Day Patricia Schaber Evaluating MovementWise: A Community Dance-Style Movement Program for Older Adults Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP20102 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Emily Iseminger "Values and Occupations:  Impact on the Life Experiences of the Oldest-Old" Ageing and Health/Older Adults
TBC Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Bahareh Zeynalzadeh Ghoochani Trend of Iranian healthy elderly postural self-organization during chaos of altering sensory input and dual task conditions Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP20103 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Ann Johansson Older women who have migrated from Western Balkan and inborn Swedish older women´s everyday occupations   Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP20104 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Stacy West-Bruce Global Aging in Criminal Justice Systems: An Occupational Perspective Mandate Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW002 Standard All Day Maria Ranner Discourses of older adults in the context of everyday rehabilitation Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW003 Standard All Day Kojiro Mekata Motion analysis of cervical spines of the older aged in videofluorography during swallowing Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW004 Standard All Day Marija Tomsic The Use of Assistive Technologies after Stroke in the Old Age Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW005 Standard All Day Yael Zilbershlag Cultural adaptation and implementation of Lifestyle Redesign® (LR) intervention for healthy elderly; findings from a pilot study Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP20107 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Shari Emas Embracing Retirement: Enhancing Older Adult's Access to Meaningful Occupation via Smartphone Technology. An occupational therapist's guide to incorporating technology into intervention plans with our clients Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW006 Standard All Day Hanna Köttl Everyday Technology use among older Adults with and without Alzheimer´s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment: relation to Life Satisfaction Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW007 Standard All Day Sanetta du Toit Clinical Application of the Residential Environmental Impact Scale (REIS 4.0) in Residential Aged Care Settings Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW008 Standard All Day Nobuhiro Nara Examining the Paradoxical Relationship between Activity Participation and Satisfaction: A Participation Assessment of Elderly who Need Nursing Care Services at Home Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP20106 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Anne Lund Dialogue cafés with older adults to promote user participation in technology development Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW009 Standard All Day Caroline Fischl Promoting older adults' social participation through digital technology –  Exploring environmental factors surrounding engagement Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW010 Standard All Day Nathan Vytialingam Healthy Ageing- A Goal To Inspire Ageing and Health/Older Adults
GP20303 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Chaantal Hughes and Adieba Gamiet Exploring the Occupational Therapy journey and contribution in the redesign of a recovery based programme for adults suffering from severe mental illnesses (SMI) and comorbid substance use disorders (SUD) at a medium term stay facility in the Western Cape Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPW011 Standard All Day Denis Anson and Lalit J. Shah Evaluating the Face Validity of the Point of View Survey (POVS) Assessment & Intervention
SPW012 Standard All Day Sigrún Gardarsdóttir Uniqueness of our intervention: A "simple" service review Assessment & Intervention
SPW013 Standard All Day Megan Roney An adapted group yoga intervention: The lived experience of individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury Assessment & Intervention
SPW014 Standard All Day Kahlila Mae Fowler Retrospective Analysis of Practice toward Exploration of Needs: Developing a Needs Assessment to Identify Risks, Barriers, and to Implement Tailor-Fit Realistic Solutions for the Villagers in Honduras Assessment & Intervention
SPW015 Standard All Day Sheryl Zylstra Client Outcomes in a University Based Occupational Therapy Student Learning Clinic Assessment & Intervention
SPW016 Standard All Day Bente Olsen  E-APUS: A video-based learning tool for enabling the clinical reasoning during assessment of activities of daily living among stroke survivors with sensory motor problems  Assessment & Intervention
SPW017 Standard All Day Linda Stigen Assessment of clients with cognitive impairments: A survey of Norwegian occupational therapists in municipal practice Assessment & Intervention
SPW018 Standard All Day Janet Richmond Richmond Reversal Rating: Construct validity in relation to visual-spatial abilities Assessment & Intervention
SPW019 Standard All day Patricia Crist Ecological Validity: Call to Elevate this Essential Construct in Evaluation and Intervention Assessment & Intervention
SPW020 Standard All Day Mary-Margaret Windsor Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Index (PEDI) from English to Romanian Assessment & Intervention
SPW021 Standard All Day Nirit Levanon-Erez The efficacy of the Teen Cognitive-Functional (Cog-Fun) intervention for adolescents with ADHD: A pilot study Assessment & Intervention
GP20207 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Sandra Maria Galheigo Understanding lower-income children's needs within a university hospital setting using an occupational therapy critical perspective: assessment dimensions to be considered Assessment & Intervention
SPW022 Standard All Day Chang Dae Lee A Study on Validity and Reliability of Upper Extremity Performance Test for Elderly (TEMPA) Assessment & Intervention
SPW023 Standard All Day Doris Obler An examination of the psychometric properties of the Beery VMI 6th ed and BOT2 in children ages 5-12 Assessment & Intervention
SPW024 Standard All Day Hiromi Fujii Predictive factors for home discharge of acute cerebral infarction patients Assessment & Intervention
SPW025 Standard All Day En-Chi Chiu Intrarater reliability and interrater reliability of the Performance-based measure of Executive Functions in patients with schizophrenia Assessment & Intervention
SPW026 Standard All Day Daphne Kos Life balance of European people with multiple sclerosis Assessment & Intervention
SPW027 Standard All Day Ellen Gjertsen Clark Can analysis of occupational forms prior to activity based assessment enhance the quality of observation of occupational performance? Assessment & Intervention
SPW028 Standard All Day Shaheed Soeker Exploring the experiences of individuals living with Autism and the perceptions of occupational therapists with regard to establishing and maintaining the worker role: The South African and Mid- Western American experience Assessment & Intervention
SPW029 Standard All Day Sara Wallin Ahlström Development and evaluation of a model for intervention using the method My Time and time assitive devices for children with disabilities Children, Youth and Families
SPW030 Standard All Day Bryant Edwards Hospital to School: Evidence Supporting Successful Transition for Chronically Ill Children Children, Youth and Families
SPW031 Standard All Day Git Lidman How children with cerebral palsy master bimanual activities from a parental perspective Children, Youth and Families
SPW032 Standard All Day Tania Stegen-Hanson and Joyce Ahrens Are We Losing "Touch"? Promoting Bonding and Attachment with a Sensory Focus Children, Youth and Families
SPW033 Standard All Day Evelina Pituch What do you think? Occupational therapists' clinical reasoning regarding independent parenting with disabilities Children, Youth and Families
SPW034 Standard All Day Evelina Pituch Evidence-based practice regarding parents with physical and cognitive disabilities: Time for an update Children, Youth and Families
SPW035 Standard All Day Denise Justice Evidence-Based Therapeutic Intervention for Children and Youth with Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy (NBPP) Children, Youth and Families
SPW036 Standard All Day Kate Chang Assessment of Self-Determination in Adolescents with Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy Children, Youth and Families
GP20203 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Sarah-Maude Gagnon Response to intervention: a solution for school-aged children with autism? Children, Youth and Families
SPW037 Standard All Day Nurul Jannah Rahim Understanding Children's Voices: Challenges in Using Photovoice with Children Children, Youth and Families
SPW038 Standard All Day Ege Temizkan Effectiveness of Based on Client-Centered Visual Perception Occupational Therapy Program in Children with Dyslexia on Reading Fluency and Reading Errors Children, Youth and Families
SPW039 Standard All Day Claudia Hilton Physical Exercise and Contributors to Academic Performance among Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders Children, Youth and Families
SPW040 Standard All Day Helene Lidström Student-centred intervention in school and vocational training environment for students with disabilities at vocational programmes in upper secondary school Children, Youth and Families
SPW041 Standard All Day Esra ALAN Investigation of How the Parents Learn about Occupational Therapy for their Children Children, Youth and Families
SPW042 Standard All Day Carolina Bottari Shedding light on at-risk situations experienced by parents with physical and cognitive disabilities Children, Youth and Families
SPW043 Standard All Day Michael Falcon Effectiveness of Ceramics Group to Facilitate Socialization of Children with Moderate to Severe Socialization Deficits in Ibarra, Ecuador Children, Youth and Families
SPW044 Standard All Day Paula McCreedy Using Storytelling in Occupational Therapy to Help Children Overcome Learning Differences and Regulatory Challenges Children, Youth and Families
SPW045 Standard All Day Carol DeMatteo The Role Of the Occupational Therapist in Pediatric Concussion Children, Youth and Families
SPW046 Standard All Day Flávia Mazitelli Group approach at school with vulnerable adolescents and the promotion of resilient processes Children, Youth and Families
SPW047 Standard All Day Karla Ausderau Construct Validity of the Feeding Assessment for Children with Autism Children, Youth and Families
SPW048 Standard All Day Anne Cusick Implementation strategies and evaluation of an occupational therapy handwriting improvement program with children from low socio-economic, culturally and lingsuitically diverse communities in Australia Children, Youth and Families
SPW049 Standard All Day Andrew Persch Healthy habits for children: Practicing evidence-based preventive pediatric occupational therapy Children, Youth and Families
SPW050 Standard All Day Ana Nunes Family Needs Assessment (FNA0-18) Transcultural Translation and Adaptation Process for Brazil Children, Youth and Families
SPW051 Standard All Day Sapna Chakraborty Constraint Induced Movement therapy in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy Children, Youth and Families
SPW052 Standard All Day Sapna Chakraborty "Effect of constraint induced movement therapy in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy" Children, Youth and Families
SPW053 Standard All Day Lora Woo Historical View of Occupational Therapy Services for Children with Physical Disabilities in California, USA Children, Youth and Families
SPW054 Standard All Day Hanna Lampi Animal Assisted TherapyExperiences in Dog Assisted Occuaptional Therapy with Children Children, Youth and Families
SPW055 Standard All Day Naama Katz Functional wellbeing model (FWM)-Legal and occupational assistance to minimize victem of crime's secondary victimization and enhancing their wellbeing Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW056 Standard All Day Sylvie Tetreault Coping strategies  of OCD population to deal with occupational imbalances Contemporary Practice Issues
GP20105 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Verena C. Tatzer "Narrative-in-action" with people with advanced dementia – better understanding the relation of occupation and identity Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW057 Standard All Day Supat Chupradit Occupational Therapy in Mental Health through Community Participation for Life Skills Promotion of the Adolescents: A Case Study of a Selected Community in Thailand Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW058 Standard All Day Michelle Janse Van Rensburg An exploration of spirituality in Occupational Therapy Practice: An Appreciative Inquiry Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW059 Standard All Day Tamera Humbert A review of four distinct aspects of spirituality incorporated into occupational therapy practice: Client and practitioner perspectives described in the literature Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW060 Standard All Day Susanne Guidetti Challenges and possibilities of using Information and Communication Technology in multidisciplinary rehabilitation after stroke – the professionals' experiences Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW061 Standard All Day Fernanda Vasconcelos Dantas A history of the World Federation of OccupationalTherapy (WFOT) Congress Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW062 Standard All Day Irene Gichohi and Nicholas Nyamweya Critical Perspectives on Occupational Therapy Practice in Resource-Scarce Kenya Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW063 Standard All Day Erica Horton An Occupational Therapy Inter-Professional Approach in a Mental Health Assertive Community Treatment Team Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW064 Standard All Day Ekwan Francis Uzu Critical Perspectives on Occupational Therapy Practice in Resource-Scarce Uganda: A Qualitative Study Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW065 Standard All Day Peñafrancia Ching Developing a module on disaster preparedness among therapy clinics in the Philippines Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW066 Standard All Day Dominick M. Mshanga The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of OT Practice in Tanzania: A Qualitative Study Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW067 Standard All Day Bill Wong Burnout Amongst Occupational Therapy Practitioners Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW068 Standard All Day Jennifer Mace Making the transition to sustaining a permanent home possible for families in severe housing deprivation: An occupational perspective Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW069 Standard All Day Rossini Emmanuelle Working in a group's setting in occupational therapy with adolescents with Asperger syndrome: risk and benefit  Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW070 Standard All Day Rod Charlie Delos Reyes Burnout Among Filipino Occupational Therapists: A Mixed Method Analysis Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW071 Standard All Day Matty van Niekerk Regulation of Occupational Therapy in South Africa: an applied systems analysis Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW072 Standard All Day Lisa Holmlund Return to work after spinal cord injury: Experiences shared from a multiple stakeholder perspective Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW073 Standard All Day Karen Sames Lessons Learned in an Evidence-Based Elder Living Center - Academic Partnership Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW074 Standard All Day Jo Benetton The Brazilian Dynamic Occupational Therapy Method (DOTM) Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW075 Standard All Day Yolanda van der Westhuizen Exploring the phenomenon of travelling for people with disabilities through their lived experiences Contemporary Practice Issues
SPW076 Standard All Day Lorie Shimmell Internationalization in occupational therapy: An evidence-informed guidebook and preparatory process for international learning and practice in our profession Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW077 Standard All Day Orit Lahav Interpersonal social responsibility effects on student's professional development: longitudinal study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW078 Standard All Day Liliana Sbriller Laboural risks and unemployment in Argentina since 1990.Habitus impact Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW079 Standard All Day ELizabeth Taylor Utilization of the PEOP Model for Blending Diverse Team Skills within Community Programs Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW080 Standard All Day Giedre Kavaliauskiene Twenty years of OT studies in Lithuania Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW081 Standard All Day Moa Yngve Perceived need of accommodations for high school students with special educational needs  Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20301 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Seiko Watanabe Embracing and Empowering: The Role of Occupational Therapy in Recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW082 Standard All Day Christine Craik Strategies to help you publish your research Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW083 Standard All Day Janice du Preez Professional Volunteering, Health and Happiness Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW084 Standard All Day Hiroko Shimazaki Effectiveness of occupational therapy program for elderly residents in the reconstructing community after the disaster Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW085 Standard All Day Annamarie van Jaarsveld Designing a contextual relevant Professional Master's degree for specialist training within the field of Sensory Integration Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20208 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Marija Tomsic Home-based rehabilitation: Occupational therapy students' perspective Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW086 Standard All Day Wen-Yi Huang Effectiveness of self-assessment scale on research achievements among OT staffs -An example from a psychiatric center in Southern Taiwan Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW087 Standard All Day Angela Benfield The Operationalizing the Model of Evidence-Informed Professional Thinking- Integrating Clinical Reasoning and Evidence-Informed Clinical Practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW088 Standard All Day Jami Flick Challenges of International Fieldwork Partnerships and Utilization of Collaborative Leadership Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW089 Standard All Day Samuel Turcotte Representations of strength-based interventions in outpatient rehabilitation services amongst adults living with spinal cord injury Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW090 Standard All Day Sarah Smidl The Creation of a Developmental Screening Tool to Help Educators in Belize Identify Children With Disabilities: Collaboration Between United States Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Students, Professionals, and Belizean Educators Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW091 Standard All Day Nicolas Biard Effects of segmentation and pacing on procedural learning by video Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW092 Standard All Day Linda Robertson The use of oral assessment in undergraduate occupational therapy education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW093 Standard All Day Tania Buys The use of MODAPTS work samples in resource scarce settings Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW094 Standard All Day Zelda Coetzee The usefulness of critical ethnography as a methodology for exploring and describing an encultured and evolved model of practice in South African occupational therapy: the  Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability(VdTMoCA) Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW095 Standard All Day Chinami Ishizuki Comparison in the risk cognition between experts and students in TP-KYT Effect Measurement System - Analysis of eye movement Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW096 Standard All Day Rita Jentoft INTERPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IN CLINICAL PRACTICE A suitable pedagogical strategy to improve interprofessional caollaboration working to facilitate mental health with elderly people living at home? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW097 Standard All Day Paula Rushton The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals Wheelchair Education Tool Kit: Overview and Application Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW098 Standard All Day Tal Jarus Facilitating Knowledge Translation: Bridging the Gap Between Researchers, Families, and Health Care Providers Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW099 Standard All Day Ninette Du Plessis The impact of hippotherapy on physiological cost index (PCI), walking speed and participation in school related activities in adolescents with diplegia Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW100 Standard All Day Leonie Boland Moving on. Transitioning from homelessness into a sustained tenancy: What enables a successful transition? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW101 Standard All Day Linda Kelly Connecting Curriculum to the Community Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW102 Standard All Day Bea van Bodegom With a Little Help from My Friend(s)……… 'What would you do if I sang out of tune Would you stand up and walk out on me? (Lennon – McCartney; 1976).   Reflections on occupational therapists experiences in their complicated work situations with the help from Erich Fromm's political social psychology Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW103 Standard All Day Lorie Shimmell What's next? Determining an effective strategy to promote the use of reflection in occupational therapy education programs Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW104 Standard All Day Marjorie Gardner An Evaluation of The Impact of a Post Registration Degree Programme in Occupational Therapy on the Professional Lives and Professional Practice of  Occupational Therapists in Sri Lanka Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20205 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Cori Schmitz Profiling and Promoting Educational Research in Occupational Therapy: A Canadian Experience Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW105 Standard All Day Carol Doehler Teaching, Training, and Partnerships: Therapy Missions' Keys to Success for Sustainable, Socially Responsible, and Culturally Responsive Care Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW106 Standard All Day Orit Lahav Universal Design for Learning: Diversity in Action within Occupational Therapy Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20204 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Ana Beatriz Zimmermann Curriculum review: a path to enhance social responsiveness in Occupational Therapy education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20206 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Amelia Di Tommaso A phenomenological exploration of occupation-based practice and education: Occupational therapy graduates' perspectives Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW107 Standard All Day Kimberley Persons The Effects of an Intraprofessional Education Session on the Knowledge, Confidence, and Perceptions of Occupational Therapy Roles and Responsibilities Among OT and OTA Students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW108 Standard All Day Linda Robertson What are the essential evidence based practice skills for students and novice practitioners Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW109 Standard All Day Merrolee Penman Enhancing Quality Learning for Students in Practice Education: Applying the Near-Peer Mentor Model Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW111 Standard All Day Helga Lister and Kitts Uys Occupational Therapy for vulnerable communities: Lessons learnt from a collaboration between a majority and a minority world Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW112 Standard All Day Lesley Garcia Caribbean Survey of Barriers and Strategies to Competent and Caring Occupational Therapy Practice Informs Design of Indigenous Occupational Therapy Curriculum and Safeguards the Relevance, Quality, and Sustainability of the Education Program Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW113 Standard All Day Terrie Simpson Effective teaching of cognitive assessment skills using video conferencing Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW114 Standard All Day Annemie Spooren Patchwork by student teams: implementation and evaluation of interprofessional student wards in Belgium. The importance of collaboration for occupational therapists and other disciplines Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW115 Standard All Day Myriam Westhovens Implementation of population specific code sets based on the ICF into the Hasselt Occupational Performance Profile (H-OPP), a digital occupational performance registration system Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW116 Standard All Day Laura Jolliffe Using an audit-feedback implementation intervention to enhance use of clinical practice guidelines in acquired brain injury rehabilitation Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW118 Standard All Day Jill Maglio Occupational Therapy and Circus   Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW119 Standard All Day Courtenay Harris Appraising the development of professional identity in undergraduate occupational therapy students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW120 Standard All Day Maria Haak User participation in research, users experiences - a review Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW121 Standard All Day Zi-Xin Yang A Dialogue Training Program for Applying the Kawa Model into Exploring Individual's Meaning-in-life: A Case Study in a Workshop for Clinical Practitioners Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW122 Standard All Day Jeff Boniface Telehealth - no longer an emerging niche but a viable service delivery model in health care Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW123 Standard All Day Liana Cahill Improving the treatment of upper limb sensory loss after stroke: a knowledge translation study involving occupational therapists and physiotherapists Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW124 Standard All Day Huget Désiron Bridging Health Care and the Workplace: development of a hospital based Return-to-Work Intervention for Breast Cancer Patients Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20306 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Tais Marcolino An instrument to map and sustain clinical reasoning: A strategy from a Brazilian community of practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW125 Standard All Day Roseann Schaaf An Innovative Strategy for Creating Evidence Through Practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW126 Standard All Day Victoria de Tezanos Pinto Documental video of Occupational Therapy in Argentina. Creation of the training programme and development within the region Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPW127 Standard All Day Katrina Bannigan A systematic review of interventions focussed on time-use, activity and participation to promote the health of adults Health Promotion
SPW128 Standard All Day Aileen Bergström Experiences of engaging activities and primary healthcare encounters in the context of everyday life among persons at risk for stroke Health Promotion
SPW129 Standard All Day Florencia Yael Itovich and Lucia Florencia Clara Musculoskeletal injuries prevention, in string musicians, within the educative environment Health Promotion
SPW225 Standard All Day Jeffrey Crabtree Public transportation is a social determinant of health, but, sorry, you can't get there from here Health Promotion
GP20201 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Beate Krieger Attempts to enhance political reasoning skills of OT students - experiences in how students become politically aware and skilled in a counterbalanced, regulated and wealthy country like Switzerland Health Systems planning/development
SPW130 Standard All Day Virginia Kim Fostering Effective Communication Between Different Personality Types On The Job Health Systems planning/development
SPW131 Standard All Day Paul Abbey Understanding how Diverse Roles of an Interprofessional Team Impact Healthcare Delivery in Rural Swaziland Health Systems planning/development
SPW132 Standard All Day Patrick Hynes The nature of professional supervision for occupational therapists in the Republic of Ireland Health Systems planning/development
GP20202 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Debi Hinerfeld Predictors of Social Change Leadership Values in Entry Level Occupational Therapy Students Health Systems planning/development
SPW133 Standard All Day Rigmor Leknes Experiences and challenges with a National Health Care Interaction Reform, regarding cooperation between various professions and services within the municipality of Trondheim, Norway Health Systems planning/development
SPW134 Standard All Day Carrie Anne Marshall Boredom & Meaningful Activity Participation Among Adults Experiencing Chronic and Episodic Homelessness Human Rights and Health
SPW135 Standard All Day Samora Casimir Therapeutic Use of Self to promote Participation of Military Patients under distress & low volition in the Inpatient Acute Care setting Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPW136 Standard All Day Erika Endzelyte Independence and quality of life changes after applied occupational therapy for patients with Parkinson's disease Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPW137 Standard All Day Kristin Koch Impact of Occupational Therapy on Patients receiving Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPW224 Standard All Day Alexa Romeo Mind-Body Interventions Utilized by an Occupational Therapist in a Medical Intensive Care Unit: An Exploratory Case Study Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPW138 Standard All Day Michelle Bissett Instrumental activities of daily living assessments used by occupational therapists with people who have mild cognitive impairment: A systematic review Mental Health
GP20304 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Pat Precin Effectiveness of the Living Skills Recovery Curriculum on Dual Diagnosis Clients Mental Health
SPW139 Standard All Day Kajsa Lidström Holmqvist Test-retest reliability of the Swedish version of the Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA) - a performance test of executive function Mental Health
SPW140 Standard All Day Zi-Xin Yang A Mechanism between Self-stigma and Recovery for Individuals with Mental Illness: A Systematic Review Study Mental Health
GP20302 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Jenny Hultqvist Subjective quality of life among people with psychiatric disabilities attending community-based day centres or Clubhouses Mental Health
GP20305 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Shu-Ping Chen The Caring Campus Project – Using an occupational perspective in health promotion and community mobilization to target substance misuse on post-secondary campuses Mental Health
SPW141 Standard All Day E Sharon Brintnell Functional and Neuropsychological Assessment in Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Mental Health
SPW142 Standard All Day Karen Arblaster Real life learning: Mental health consumers as partners in education Mental Health
SPW143 Standard All Day Hideki Miyaguchi The effect of Cognitive Occupational Training (COGOT)on boys with Developmental Coordination Disorder in a correctional facility - Use of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) Mental Health
SPW144 Standard All Day Elsie Labuschagne Determining sensory processing patterns in South African women diagnosed with genito-pelvic pain / penetration disorder (GPPPD) Mental Health
SPW145 Standard All Day OJayne Bowman The Effect of Stress on One's Body and Mind:  Implications for Occupational Therapists Mental Health
SPW146 Standard All Day Fang-Yu Gu The test-retest reliability and practice effects of the Ruff 2 & 7 Selective Attention Test in patients with schizophrenia Mental Health
SPW147 Standard All Day Charlotte Marais Occupational therapy intervention in the workplace of patients with mental health problems in George, Western Cape, South Africa, positively impacts on work performance and attendance Mental Health
SPW148 Standard All Day Jennifer Wenborn Assistive technology to support memory in people with dementia: a systematic review Mental Health
SPW150 Standard All Day Hsuan-Wen Wang Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Revised Social Functioning Scale - Taiwan short version for Patients with Schizophrenia Living in the Community Mental Health
SPW151 Standard All Day Joanne Robertson Reconnecting with forgotten work aspirations for consumers experiencing mental illness using 'The WORKS' program Mental Health
SPW152 Standard All Day Annika Lexén Cognitive functioning and occupational engagement among persons with schizophrenia Mental Health
SPW153 Standard All Day Ling- Hui Chang The Effectiveness of Occupation-Based Multi-approach Cognitive Intervention in Cognitive Function and Daily Living Performance for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment Mental Health
SPW154 Standard All Day Wei-Yun Hsu Computerized Facial Analysis and Impression of Rapport during Face-to-face Interview in Schizophrenia – A Pilot Study Mental Health
SPW155 Standard All Day Chien-Yu Huang The effects of autistic characteristics on the emotional behavioral problems in children with autistic spectrum disorder Mental Health
SPW156 Standard All Day Ting-Yin Kuo Attend to your internal sensation: the effect on emotions to respiratory interoception  Mental Health
SPW157 Standard All Day Mona Eklund Balancing Everyday Life (BEL) for people with mental illness - outcomes of an RCT study addressing occupational engagement, well-being and level of functioning Mental Health
SPW158 Standard All Day Kristin Alfredsson Ågren Internet-use among adolescents with intellectual disabilities in Sweden Mental Health
SPW159 Standard All Day Phoebe Williamson Introducing a sensory modulation room in a community mental health setting in Australia Mental Health
SPW160 Standard All Day Teneil Bell Female drug user's Perceptions and experiences of their occupational performances within a Western Cape context Mental Health
SPW161 Standard All Day Kenji Hiramoto A life story interview with a mother who has a son in middle age with profound intellectual disability - Changes in mutual relationship between a client and his mother  Mental Health
SPW162 Standard All Day Sarah Kantartzis Social Transformation through Occupation: Building an International Network Occupation based Community Development
SPW163 Standard All Day Jeffrey Crabtree Culture, interprofessional practice, and ethics: And you thought it could not get any more complicated! Occupation based Community Development
SPW164 Standard All Day Shira Yalon-Chamovitz Building Cognitive Ramps: Developing and Corroborating an Applied Model of Cognitive Accessibility for People with Intellectual Disability Occupation based Community Development
SPW165 Standard All day Patricia Crist Moving the Concept of Sustainability into a Deeper Environmental Dimension that Engages Occupational Therapy Occupation based Community Development
SPW166 Standard All Day Valérie Leclerc Phenomenological study on the elderly's perception of the obstacles and facilitators of their aging in place Occupation based Community Development
SPW167 Standard All Day Steffy Stans Tools to communicate with people who are communication vulnerable: the development of a communication decision aid Occupation based Community Development
SPW168 Standard All Day Elizabeth Harrison Promoting occupational justice and well-being for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) clients across the lifespan: Strategies for inclusive practice Occupation based Community Development
SPW169 Standard All Day Masatoshi Tahara Risk of occupational dysfunction as a function of domestic role for families of stoke patients Occupation based Community Development
SPW170 Standard All Day Supat Chupradit Using the Kawa Model to Support Family Caregiving at a Family Retreat Camp in Thailand Occupation based Community Development
SPW171 Standard All Day Charlotte Lovemore Investigation into the sport interests of adults in the Bishop Lavis community: participation and spectatorship Occupation based Community Development
SPW172 Standard All Day Ricardo Carrasco Physiological Responses to Activity by Novice vs. Advanced Ikebana Practitioners  Occupation based Community Development
SPW173 Standard All Day Danielle Morante Occupational Therapy Emerging in Mongolia Occupation based Community Development
SPW174 Standard All Day Nastaran Doroud Place, lived-environment and recovery for people experiencing mental health issues; a qualitative meta-synthesis Occupation based Community Development
SPW175 Standard All Day Shirley Wells Does Cultural Competency Training Improve the Effectiveness of Cultural Intervention & Client Outcomes?  An Evidence-Based Review of OT Practice Occupation based Community Development
SPW176 Standard All Day Alesia Ford Effectiveness of Mentorship Programs: The Transition and Retention of Minority Women in Healthcare Careers and Leadership Roles within Healthcare. Occupation based Community Development
SPW177 Standard All Day Sharon Zlotnik Measuring Cross Cultural Stability in Performing the Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA) between Typical Israeli and American Adolescents Occupation based Community Development
SPW178 Standard All Day Hiromi Noguchi The Psycho-social Effects of Living with Mobility Service Dogs  ~Through the intervention as an occupational therapist for 6 years Occupation based Community Development
SPW179 Standard All Day Deshini Naidoo Exploring community stakeholders' perspectives on their experiences of coping with disability to strenghten occupational therapy practice in primary healthcare: A KwaZulu-Natal perspective Occupation based Community Development
SPW180 Standard All Day Helga Lister Gender, socio-economic status and race: A quest for transformation and finding my voice through my PhD research journey Occupation based Community Development
SPW181 Standard All Day Jane Holstein Validity and utility of Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument - Swedish Version Occupation based Community Development
SPW182 Standard All Day Yeasir Arafat Alve Facilitators and constraints to daily activities among persons with spinal cord injury living in the community: Lessons learned for Bangladesh from an international scoping review Occupation based Community Development
SPW183 Standard All Day Gaby Scheidegger Follow up of a newly established Occupational Therapy service at a leading Hospital in Qinghai Province, China Occupation based Community Development
SPW184 Standard All Day Murebwayire Epiphanie The Use of "Igisoro" in Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation Occupation based Community Development
SPW185 Standard All Day Margaret Linegar Enabling the participation and inclusion of children with mobility disabilities Occupation based Community Development
SPW186 Standard All Day Naoko Kimura The current status for occupational therapists involved in peer support in Japan Occupation based Community Development
SPW187 Standard All Day Inmaculada Zango Martín Approaches to interculturality in Occupational therapy. Critical analysis of occupational therapy literature Occupation based Community Development
SPW188 Standard All Day Stephanie J. Dapice Wong The Impact of an Intergenerational, Earth Centered Program in a Natural Setting Occupation based Community Development
SPW189 Standard All Day Arielle Villanueva An Occupational Therapy Approach to Supporting an International Community Occupation based Community Development
SPW190 Standard All Day Line Lindahl-Jacobsen How to develop occupational therapy actions within the palliative field – from scratch! Physical Health
SPW191 Standard All Day Mette Falk Brekke Activities of daily living ability as a predictor of quality of life among people with advanced cancer Physical Health
SPW192 Standard All Day Loren Fields McMahon Occupational Therapy Visual Assessments and Interventions of Diplopia in an Acute Care Setting Physical Health
SPW193 Standard All Day Anna Gillisdotter (Vallström) The Fatigue Management course - experiences among participants with multiple sclerosis Physical Health
SPW194 Standard All Day Julius T Kamwesiga The impact of stroke for people living in central Uganda – a descriptive Physical Health
SPW195 Standard All Day Jennifer Kaldenberg Bridging the Technology Gap: Tablet technology for Older Adults with Low Vision Physical Health
SPW196 Standard All Day Jill Zwicker Collaborative Development of a Virtual Reality Program for Children With Autism: Incorporating Stakeholders' Input via Delphi Method Physical Health
SPW197 Standard All Day Philippe Archambault Evaluating the clinical utility of an exergames program for post-stroke rehabilitation Physical Health
SPW198 Standard All Day Hymeri Augustyn The effect of HIV on post-stroke outcomes in activities of daily living Physical Health
SPW199 Standard All Day Judy Ranka Measuring changes in arm and hand use after stroke using the Upper Limb Performance Assessment (ULPA) Physical Health
SPW200 Standard All Day Rebecca Nicks A systematic review of the effectiveness of home modifications recommended by occupational therapists Physical Health
SPW201 Standard All Day Sophie O'Keefe Supporting the concept of work from day one: A scoping review of work interventions provided to adults with brain injury during hospitalisation Physical Health
SPW202 Standard All Day Birgitta Wennberg Participation when using cognitive assistive devices - from the perspective of people with intellectual disabilities Physical Health
SPW203 Standard All Day Marc Sampedro Pilegaard Which groups of people with advanced cancer benefit most from an occupational therapy-based intervention: an exploratory subgroup analysis from a randomised, controlled trial Physical Health
SPW204 Standard All Day Jesper Larsen Maersk Forming the self through daily life at home: Understanding the experience of people with advanced cancer Physical Health
SPW205 Standard All Day Jessica Worton Occupation-embedded assessment of cognition in people with complex cognitive, perceptual and language impairments as a consequence of stroke using the Perceive, Recall, Plan Perform Assessment Physical Health
SPW206 Standard All Day Shinead Borkovic Learned Pacing for Adults with Chronic Pain: A Randomised Controlled Trial Feasibility Study Physical Health
SPW207 Standard All Day Christina Jessen-Winge "Do it - and get better" for people with cancer Physical Health
SPW208 Standard All Day Takeshi Kamishima Relation between height of bathtub edge and FIM or Lawton's IADL scale -Analysis on differences in ownership of houses - Physical Health
SPW209 Standard All Day Carol Siebert Medication Management: Enabling Health and Well-being though a Self-Management Approach to Medication Physical Health
SPW210 Standard All Day Rina Juel Kaptain Comparing the insider and outsider perspective onto activities of daily living functioning among people with COPD - clinical implications Physical Health
SPW211 Standard All Day Carolyn D'Olympio Experiences Living with Sickle Cell Disease in Ghana: Implications for Occupational Therapy Physical Health
SPW212 Standard All Day SIEW YIM LOH Cancer Lifestyle Lab- An application of a living lab methodology for an innovative community care for post treatment cancer survivors Physical Health
SPW213 Standard All Day Husny Amerih Survey of Assistive Technology Worldwide Physical Health
SPW223 Standard All Day Giovanna Boniface Comprehensive Assessment for TBI: Psychometric Evaluation of a New Tool Physical Health
GP20101 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Sophie Gaber Mapping participation outside home for (older) adults with cognitive impairments Rehabilitation
SPW214 Standard All Day Anne Dickerson Using a Community Mobility and Driving "Bootcamp" as a means of Evaluation and Intervention for Teens and Young Adults with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Rehabilitation
SPW215 Standard All Day Yuki Sakane The process of establishing mutual understanding between clients and occupational therapists during in-patient rehabilitation Rehabilitation
SPW216 Standard All Day Elaina Halkiotis Occupational Therapy Treatment for Cardiac Conditions Rehabilitation
SPW217 Standard All Day Emma Pylyser Conscious experiences of cliënts regarding autonomous participation in a therapeutical apartment Shadowing as a technique within an empirical ethnographic research Rehabilitation
SPW218 Standard All Day Yvonne Veenhuizen Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Energetic: a self-management group programme to improve social participation and physical endurance in neuromuscular disease Rehabilitation
SPW219 Standard All Day Nighat Tahir Effectiveness of Sensory Integration Therapy (Vestibular & Proprioception Input) On Gross Motor Functioning In CP Spastic Diplegic and Developmental Delay  Rehabilitation
SPW220 Standard All Day Yael Nave Resuming to driving among stroke survivals 1-4  years after a stroke Rehabilitation
SPW221 Standard All Day Kari Margrete Hjelle A qualitative study of how the multidisciplinary team members experience their role in reablement Rehabilitation
SPW222 Standard All Day Mélissa Proulx Exploring Factors Influencing the Decision to Retain Driver's License among Seniors Living in the Suburbs - A Phenomenological Study Rehabilitation



Thursday 24 May 2018
Poster No: Poster Type Time Presenter Name/s Title Category
SPTH002 Standard All Day Ingegerd Andersson Svidén Doing as dialogue - a way to improve the collaboration with frail older clients in order to meet occupational needs Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH003 Standard All Day Linda Renton Occupational issues in planning for retirement: a narrative inquiry Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH004 Standard All Day Linda Renton Occupational issues in planning for retirement: review of literature Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH005 Standard All Day Tara Vander Mynsbrugge A model of soundscape for people with dementia living in nursing homes Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH006 Standard All Day Leen De Coninck Occupational therapy in community dwelling physical frail older people Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH007 Standard All Day Adele Breen-Franklin Generation2Generation: Mutual learning outcomes between Occupational Therapy Students and Older Adults Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH008 Standard All Day Jenica Lee, Ryan Walsh and Caniece Leggett The role of everyday technology (ET) and engagement in activities onto perceived health among older people in urban communities Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH009 Standard All Day Anders Kottorp, Ryan Walsh and Caniece Leggett Everyday technology use among older people in urban contexts - a comparative study between United States and Sweden Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH010 Standard All Day Wanda Mahoney Enhancing Occupational Therapy in Medical Settings with Adults with Developmental Disabilities Receiving Services for Other Conditions Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH011 Standard All Day Lindy Clemson Integrating solutions for sustainable fall prevention in primary care: The iSOLVE model enabling pathways from general medical practice to community fall prevention services Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH012 Standard All Day Grégoire Grellier Impact of activity on recovery physical abilities in daily transfers in frail elderly adults Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH013 Standard All Day Nancy Hock Innovations in Institutional Living: An Intergenerational Residential Model for improving QOL of Elders and fostering in-depth understanding of Aging among OT students Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH014 Standard All Day Nicolas Kuhne Impact of Physical Exercise on Independence in People with Dementia in Acute Psychiatric Settings Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH015 Standard All Day Ryosuke Miyadera The effects of modified food on cooperativeness between swallowing movement and thoracic movement Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH202 Standard All day Kim Jae Hwan Development of an Occupation-centered Daycare Center Model for the Elderly in Korea Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPTH016 Standard All Day Patricia Bowyer A Preliminary Study of Commonly Used Assessment Instruments in Occupational Therapy Practice: Implications and Future Directions  Assessment & Intervention
SPTH017 Standard All Day Anita Perr and Kay Koch Hands-on Mat Assessment and Documentation for Seating and Wheeled Mobility Assessment & Intervention
SPTH018 Standard All Day Christine Haworth and Genevieve Cyrs Development, implementation, and research of an occupation-based assessment of work skills for at-risk youth Assessment & Intervention
SPTH019 Standard All Day Susanne Guidetti What´s in it for me?- A process evaluation of the implementation of a mobile phone supported intervention after stroke in Uganda Assessment & Intervention
SPTH020 Standard All Day Nandana Welage A new in-hand manipulation assessment Assessment & Intervention
SPTH021 Standard All Day Tzu-Ying Yu Comparison of caregivers' ratings of hand function in children with special needs Assessment & Intervention
SPTH022 Standard All Day Sylvie Ray-Kaeser A Questionnaire to identify Developmental Coordination Disorder in European  French-speaking countries: The DCDQ-FE Assessment & Intervention
SPTH023 Standard All Day I-Ning Fu The construct validity of the newly developed Brief Preschool Theory of Mind Assessment (BP-ToMA) Assessment & Intervention
SPTH024 Standard All Day Benita Powrie Goals and outcomes which are relevant for clients and services: Collaboration between The Royal College of Occupational Therapy, local services and funders to recognise the value of occupational therapy in the United Kingdom Assessment & Intervention
SPTH025 Standard All Day Frederick Covington The Successful Utilization of Virtual Reality as an Affordable Technologically Sustainable Occupational Therapy Treatment Medium to Increase Engagement And Goal Carry-Over into Real Life Settings and Scenarios Assessment & Intervention
SPTH026 Standard All Day Zeynep BAHADIR AĞCE The Bournemouth Questionnaire for Neck Pain: Cross- Cultural Adaptation, Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version Assessment & Intervention
SPTH027 Standard All Day Janke Van der Walt Identifying key concepts in interventions aimed at improving motor skills in preschool children - a scoping review Assessment & Intervention
SPTH028 Standard All Day Frédérique Poncet Effectiveness of a vibration of the neck on visual detection for persons with acquired brain injury and unilateral neglect Assessment & Intervention
SPTH029 Standard All Day Frédérique Poncet Effectiveness of Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance strategy combined with assistive technology to help individuals with traumatic brain injury manage their budgets Assessment & Intervention
SPTH030 Standard All Day Yonat Ivzori A Career Education and Vocational Transition Program: "SUPER - SUccessful Pathways to Employment for youth at Risk" Assessment & Intervention
SPTH031 Standard All Day Stefanie Kruger Data Driven Intervention Guidelines for Occupational Therapists working with Young Children with Cochlear Implants Assessment & Intervention
SPTH032 Standard All Day Laura VanPuymbrouck  An occupational therapy informed peer health navigator intervention to promote healthcare access, quality and outcomes for people with physical disabilities: A feasibility study Assessment & Intervention
SPTH033 Standard All Day Zona Rens The relationship between scores on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and a Functional Kitchen Screen in older people screened for mild cognitive impairment: An Australian validation study Assessment & Intervention
SPTH199 Standard All Day Ton Satink Development of a Dutch Occupational Therapy-specific Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM-OT) Assessment & Intervention
SPTH034 Standard All Day Gustavo Reinoso The development of a caregiver Questionnaire for the Measurement of Sensory Responsivity (QMSR) in children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Children, Youth and Families
SPTH035 Standard All Day Caitlin McDowell Relationships between early childhood intervention services, family quality of life and parent occupations: a mixed methods study Children, Youth and Families
SPTH036 Standard All Day Tzu-Ying Yu The Relationships between Motor Competence and IQ Discrepancy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Children, Youth and Families
SPTH037 Standard All Day Mayumi Arikawa Effect of the sensory integration therapy for children with developmental disorders; using the Pediatric Volitional Questionnaire (PVQ) Children, Youth and Families
SPTH038 Standard All Day Carol McKinstry Occupational therapy in maternal health: A case study Children, Youth and Families
SPTH039 Standard All Day Dai-Rong Jiang The Relationships of Theory of Mind Performance with Adaptive Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Children, Youth and Families
SPTH040 Standard All Day Anita Bundy The impact of everyday contexts on social experience of children with autism spectrum disorder as compared to typically developing children Children, Youth and Families
SPTH041 Standard All Day Tzu Ting Yu The correlation between theory of mind ability and executive function in children with autism spectrum disorder Children, Youth and Families
SPTH042 Standard All Day Noémi Dahan-Oliel Practice recommendations for rehabilitation in a rare musculoskeletal condition: Using co-creation with youth, parents and clinicians Children, Youth and Families
SPTH043 Standard All Day Hirokazu Nishikata Clinical reasoning of an experienced occupational therapist using sensory integration: Analyzing an occupational therapy session with children with autistic spectrum disorder Children, Youth and Families
GP30101 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Hirokazu Nishikata An occupational perspective of childhood poverty in Japan Children, Youth and Families
SPTH044 Standard All Day Yu-Wei Chen The impact of social and coping skills on time use in everyday activities of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Children, Youth and Families
SPTH045 Standard All Day Ashley Kahila Keeping Families Together Through Encouraging, Educating, and Empowering Caregivers of Children with Special Needs Children, Youth and Families
SPTH046 Standard All Day Nicky Seymour Impacting children with cerebral palsy and their families in Africa Children, Youth and Families
SPTH047 Standard All Day Raviraj Shetty Life in a Suitcase: Using narrative ideas to enhance participation of children experiencing marginalisation in preffered occupations Children, Youth and Families
SPTH048 Standard All Day Maud Hagberg and Elena Danielsson Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) in rehabilitation of children and adolescent with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Children, Youth and Families
SPTH049 Standard All Day Yajou Yu Use Activity-based Cooking Group to Improve Social and communication Skills of youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Pilot Study Children, Youth and Families
SPTH051 Standard All Day Marieke Coussens A Comprehensive Systematic Scoping Review of The Needs And Barriers that Parents Face when Enabling their Young Child's  Participation  Children, Youth and Families
SPTH052 Standard All Day Anne-Mie Engelen Occupational balance experienced by mothers and fathers of children with special needs in Flanders Children, Youth and Families
SPTH053 Standard All Day Nancy Carlson The BBC Sensory Scales: An Innovative Approach to Measuring Sensory Patterns Among Pediatric Populations Children, Youth and Families
SPTH055 Standard All Day Susan Bazyk Every Moment Counts: Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Intervention With Children and Youth Throughout the Day in School and Community Settings Children, Youth and Families
SPTH056 Standard All Day Gillian Rai and Marie-Christine Potvin Coaching in Context: An intervention to support achievement of family-driven participation goals for children with autism spectrum disorder Children, Youth and Families
SPTH057 Standard All Day Sonam Shah Client Centered approach through the lens of Narrative ideas and practices Children, Youth and Families
SPTH058 Standard All Day Jennie McAdam 'On the Road to Social Justice' - Contextual Assessment of the Manual Handling Demands of bADL and iADL tasks typical of a rural South African lifestyle Contemporary Practice Issues
GP30207 Standard All Day Anette Enemark Larsen How the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure enhances client-centeredness. Benefits, facilitators and challenges identified though a Scoping Review Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH059 Standard All Day Marlou Driessen Shared leadership in municipalities to support participation through occupation Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH060 Standard All Day Joan Verhoef Do existing occupational therapy guidelines fit todays' practice? Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH061 Standard All Day Sarah Mbiza Measuring Quality of Life through Participation: The Theory of Occupational Autonomy Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH062 Standard All Day W. Ben Mortenson Development, implementation, and feasibility of a mobile self-management intervention for people with spinal cord injury in the inpatient and community settings Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH063 Standard All Day Lisa Crabtree Impact of Maternal Expectations on Employment Perspectives and Outcomes Among Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH064 Standard All Day Yukiko Nishino How the community-dwelling elderly in Tokyo adapt to life after stroke focused on actions: Underlying processes in building a satisfying life Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH065 Standard All Day Maria Andreassen Digital support with mobile phone reminders for persons with cognitive impairment - a RCT study Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH066 Standard All Day Hwan Kim The Effects of E-LINK System Use Training on Upper Extremity Function of Stroke Patients Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH067 Standard All Day Annie Turner Occupational therapy: a case of confused identity? An exploration of the contextual factors that impact our diverse professional practice and how these may be used to clarify our professional identity in order to gain greater impact on national perspectives of health and well-being Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH068 Standard All Day Susan Arnold Medicolegal determination of domestic care requirements: The impact of culture Contemporary Practice Issues
GP30309 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Clare Hubbard Occupation-based interventions: Collaborative working between an Occupational Therapist and the Chris Burger/Petro Jackson Players' Fund for seriously injured rugby players Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH069 Standard All Day Kristjana Fenger Occupational challenges and well-being of police officers in Iceland Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH070 Standard All Day Bethan Collins The Occupational Therapy Independence Framework: development and use in occupational therapy theory and practice Contemporary Practice Issues
GP30105 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Moses Ikiugu Sustainability Matters: Guiding Principles on Sustainability, Ecological Health, and Occupational Therapy Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH072 Standard All day Rhona Anderson SExpression:  Using coaching paradigms to discuss sex and intimacy Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH073 Standard All Day Ursula Costa Occupational Science - an emerging discipline in Europe: Current developments in an Austrian context Contemporary Practice Issues
SPTH074 Standard All Day Roseann Schaaf Partnerships for Change: Promoting Environments that Measure Outcomes (PrEMO) Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH075 Standard All Day Nyaradzai Munambah Broadening Occupational Therapy Practice Horizons through OT Day celebrations: A case of Zimbabwe Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30201 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Leen De Coninck Closing the gap between scientific research and clinical practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH076 Standard All Day Barbara Gilbertson Results of an international custom wheelchair seating and night time postural care project for children with complex conditions: Measuring students' reponse to service learning Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30106 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Mariana D'Amico Perspectives and Recommendations: Occupational Therapy and Transgender Populations Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH077 Standard All Day Anders Kottorp Validation of a scale to measure fieldwork performance among students in Occupational Therapy (OT) and Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) programs in United States Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30202 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Beth White The Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability Foundation UK: a platform to develop OT practice and education, building on African success Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH078 Standard All Day Gehta de Jager and Bianca Luwes Considerations for successful implementation of Peer-Assisted Learning during undergraduate fieldwork education at higher education institutes in developing countries: tutees' perspective Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH079 Standard All Day Ninette Du Plessis Hippotherapy as treatment strategy within the occupational therapist's scope of practice: An interactive case discussion Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30203 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Lesley Garcia The Strategies and Barriers to Integrating the Local Context into a New Occupational Therapy Curriculum in a Country where the Profession is Emerging: A Case Study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH080 Standard All Day Jenica Lee Teaching the Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model: Lessons Learned Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH081 Standard All Day Kate Barrett Developing an occupational therapy baccalaureate program to meet the needs of Haiti Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH082 Standard All Day Orli Weisser-Pike Building Capacity For Occupational Therapy Practice In Low Vision On The Other Side Of The World Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH083 Standard All Day Stefania Agustoni How do you bring an occupational therapy perspective into schools? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30205 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Marte Ørud Lindstad Interprofessional learning in community-based practice: occupational therapy-students' learning experiences Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30109 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Bryant Edwards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer+ Individuals (LGBTQ+): Occupational Therapy's Role Promoting Access and Reducing Disparity Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH084 Standard All Day Sarah Mbiza Community-based Occupational Therapy: A Model for Psychosocial Fieldwork in Emerging Practice Areas Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30206 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Lisa Mahaffey Maybe "Participation" also Means Research Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH085 Standard All Day Isabelle Gélinas Providing online education to occupational therapy practitioners:  The McGill Graduate Certificate in Driving Rehabilitation experience Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH086 Standard All Day Hyun Jung Kim Effectiveness of international exchange program for occupational therapy students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH087 Standard All Day Kirsten Wilbur Engaging Diversity: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Occupational Therapy Instruction Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH088 Standard All Day Keli Mu and Angela Patterson Education Outcomes Comparison between Face to Face on Campus & Hybrid Programs in Doctoral Occupational Therapy Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH089 Standard All Day Audrey Zapletal Re-Designing Neuroscience Course with Learner-Centered Instruction and Technology Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH090 Standard All Day Audrey Zapletal Standardized Patient Encounters: Does it Prepare Students for Fieldwork II Experiences? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH091 Standard All Day Lili Liu Using a Wiki to develop a virtual community of practice among occupational therapy students infieldwork Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30103 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Rita Fleming-Castaldy An historical analysis of occupational therapy and social activism: From settlement houses to reductionism to disability rights and occupational justice Subtitle: Lessons learned from the profession's first century to inform our future, enable well-being, and influence social policy Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30102 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Lyle Duque Measuring and staging severity of disability in a nationally representative sample: Implications for occupational therapy practice and policy formulations Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH092 Standard All Day Amy Todd Student Implementation of Occupational Therapy Services in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital in Mérida, Mexico Using the Hidalgo Model: A Collaborative Approach Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH093 Standard All Day Caroline Storr Building sustainable fieldwork partnerships between Canada and India: Implementing common goals identified by an evaluation employing the Working Group on Ethics Guidelines for Global Health Training (WEIGHT)1 guidelines Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH094 Standard All Day Angela Patterson How to Develop and Incorporate International Programming into Occupational Therapy Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH095 Standard All Day Ellen McLaughlin Facilitating Educational Impact and International Cooperation Through ACOTE Accreditation in International Settings Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH096 Standard All Day Leeanne Sadowsky Modelling OT/OTA Practice in Canadian OTA/PTA Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH097 Standard All Day Patricia Bowyer The Impact of Model of Human Occupation Training on Occupational Therapists' Therapeutic Reasoning Skills in Cancer Rehabilitation Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30110 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Salvador Bondoc Gender Disparity and the Lived Experience of Male Occupational Therapists in the United States Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30209 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Gemma Weekes and Kath Jones Using a Practice Based Enquiry approach to reclaim occupation-focused practice in a forensic mental health setting Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH098 Standard All Day Hwan Kim Impact of Sleep Quality and Pain Degree on the Activities of Daily Living in Patients with Stroke Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH099 Standard All Day Nicolas Kuhne Development and feasibility study of a service learning program involving students to support caregivers in Switzerland (PAuSES) Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH100 Standard All Day Annikki Arola Integrating Occupational Science in a Competence-Based Curriculum for Occupational Therapy Program in Finland: Promoting Innovative Professional Reasoning Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH101 Standard All Day Malin Mongs Occupational Therapy + Intensive Care= …  A scoping review Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH102 Standard All Day Bertha Mbuya An exploration of the occupation of learning in a low-quintile school in Cape Town South Africa Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH103 Standard All Day Petra Schwab The value of 'Learning by doing'Activity and occupation based working in and with groups - a learning and teaching experience Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH104 Standard All Day Pam Gretschel Drawing links between paradigms and methodologies in qualitative research focused on exploring the operation of power in human relations: A case study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH105 Standard All Day Thev Gurayah The lived experiences of students completing an Occupational Therapy degree at the University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP20209 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Kerry Thomas Occupation and climate change: considerations for decision-making and engagement Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30210 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Maria Fe Abejar Implication of the Attitude towards Research in Occupational Therapy Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH106 Standard All Day Johanna Stadler-Grillmaier Meaningful occupation as a fundamental principle of health and citizenship. Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH107 Standard All Day Johanna Stadler-Grillmaier The European Conceptual Framework for Occupational Therapy (ECFOT)- a dynamic framework to structure complexe thinking Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH108 Standard All Day Michelle Elliot When participation is not the goal: the pursuit of excellence and the challenge of stepping away Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH109 Standard All Day Marianne Olsen Connected in diversity: Learning outcomes and relevance of practice placements in the global south for students from the global north Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30104 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Annie Carrier Occupational therapists' change agent role: supporting clinical reasoning with an advocacy / planning model Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP30303 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Angela Wilson The Development of the Occupational Therapy Profession in Zambia: An Exploration of Influencing Contextual Factors Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH110 Standard All Day TBC Exploring the Use of Social Media Tools by WFOT Member Organisations: The Next Steps Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPTH111 Standard All Day Grace J Kim An Innovative, Interdisciplinary, and Client-Centered Approach to Improve Clothing Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities Health Promotion
SPTH112 Standard All Day Lee Randall Johannesburg minibus taxi drivers - occupational realities and road safety concerns Health Promotion
SPTH204 Standard All day Dorothy Edwards Motivational Occupational Coaching: Selecting personally tailored goals and motivating lifestyle change Health Promotion
SPTH113 Standard All Day Gunilla Carlsson Older people with multi-morbidity in acute care undergoing organizational development - Experiences among older people, family members and health care staff Health Systems planning/development
SPTH114 Standard All Day Bari Turetzky The Ins and Outs: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Bowel and Bladder Management in an Acute Rehabilitation Setting Health Systems planning/development
SPTH115 Standard All Day Jessica Duggan Factors Which Influence A Successful Transition to Adulthood for Emerging Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder; Exploring the Perceptions of Service Users and Staff Members Health Systems planning/development
SPTH116 Standard All Day Leanne Leclair The role of occupational therapy in primary care: A Scoping Review Health Systems planning/development
GP30306 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Christina Lundqvist and Carita Nygren Building generic guidelines for patient safety through interprofessional collaboration Health Systems planning/development
GP30108 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Jennifer Crandall The worldwide displacement crisis: What can occupational therapy do? Human Rights and Health
SPTH117 Standard All Day Barbara Nadeau A research method to capture the voices and experiences of individuals with disabilities in real-time through the use of verbal ecological momentary assessment Human Rights and Health
SPTH118 Standard All Day Adam Lo The perception and utilisation of creative activities by child and youth mental health occupational therapists in Australia Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPTH119 Standard All Day Agneta Malmgren Fänge User participation in occupational therapy practice development Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPTH120 Standard All Day Eva E Wæhrens Lessons learned about occupation-focused and/or occupation-based interventions: A synthesis using group concept mapping methodology Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPTH121 Standard All Day Patricia De Vriendt  Outcomes of a multicomponent rehabilitation program for community dwelling persons with dementia and their caregivers. A retrospective study Mental Health
SPTH122 Standard All Day Elisabeth Argentzell The lifestyle intervention "Balancing Everyday Life" (BEL) for people with mental illness - results from a qualitative study Mental Health
SPTH123 Standard All Day Afsaneh Roshanai Time Management, Organization skills, self-efficacy and self-rated Parental competence in individuals with and without disabilities Mental Health
SPTH124 Standard All Day Esther Steultjens Cognitive strategy use during daily activities in people with Parkinson's Disease Mental Health
SPTH125 Standard All Day Helena Louw An exploration of how Namibian adolescents experience spirituality, and how this experience is reflected through their engagement in occupations of creative expression: a collective case study Mental Health
SPTH126 Standard All Day Joanne Inman Occupational therapy and participation in activities of everyday life for people with a diagnosis of psychosis: a feasibility study for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial Mental Health
SPTH127 Standard All Day Carolina Bottari Advocacy for the forgotten: addressing the long-term needs of severe TBI living in the community Mental Health
SPTH128 Standard All Day Catherine Dugas An evidence-based logic model for people with co-occurring substance use and transitory mental health disorders Mental Health
SPTH129 Standard All Day Rosemary Crouch Windows of strength in persons with substance use and personality disorders: an alternative view of negative occupations Mental Health
GP30208 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Lee Ann Westover Occupational Therapy and Homelessness: Connecting International Research, Practice and Practitioners Mental Health
SPTH130 Standard All Day Mireille Gagnon-Roy No one likes to be told what to do... How then should cognitive assistance be provided to individuals with a traumatic brain injury? Mental Health
SPTH131 Standard All Day Nicola Hancock Ongoing development of an Australian created, internationally used, self-report measure of mental health recovery: Recovery Assessment Scale - Domains & Stages (RAS-DS) Mental Health
SPTH132 Standard All Day Michael Lee Creating impact on learners: Identifying the influence of teaching practices on undergraduate students' mental health and wellbeing Mental Health
SPTH133 Standard All Day Salvador Bondoc Addressing the Occupational Needs of Underserved Populations and Expanding Areas of Practice through Academic Fieldwork Partnerships Mental Health
SPTH135 Standard All Day Nicole Rautenbach Intensive Behaviour Modification applied by Occupational Therapists in a Male Forensic Psychiatric Ward Mental Health
SPTH136 Standard All Day Anita Wang and Siri Aas Finne Excursions as a therapeutic intervention in the rehabilitation of patients in psychiatry   Mental Health
GP30301 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Mia Vermaak The value of group therapy: towards increased service user involvement in private mental health practice in South Africa Mental Health
SPTH137 Standard All Day Justin Scanlan Job satisfaction, burnout and professional identity in occupational therapists working in mental health in Australia: Synthesising results from a number of studies Mental Health
GP30302 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Pamela Roberts and Jeremy Furniss Translating Quality into Practice:  Measuring and Improving the Quality of Occupational Therapy Mental Health
GP30304 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Esna Carroll An Explorative Study Towards Best Client-Centred Practice of an Occupational Therapy Life Skill Program Mental Health
SPTH200 Standard Poster All Day Fahad Manee Survey of cognitive rehabilitation practices in the state of Kuwait Mental Health
SPTH201 Standard Poster All Day Fahad Manee Cognitive Performance of Middle Eastern Adults with Chronic Pain: A Comparative Study Mental Health
GP30204 Guided Poster 14:00 - 15:30 Dominique Van de Velde Why the concept of participation as defined in the International Classification of Functioning disability and Health (ICF) is still difficult to use in clinical practice. A critical review of contemporary literature Occupation based Community Development
SPTH138 Standard All Day Ank Eijkelkamp Health care professionals using the biopsychosocial model: going in the right direction, but not easy ot stay on track Occupation based Community Development
SPTH139 Standard All Day Theresa Lorenzo At first glance: Becoming economically empowered through Inclusive Youth-Sport-4-Work Initiative in rural areas Occupation based Community Development
SPTH140 Standard All Day Hannes Außermaier Positioning for refugees – creating community, enabling meaningful occupation and cooperating for occupational justice Occupation based Community Development
SPTH141 Standard All Day Crystal Barchacky Occupational Comparison of children with disabilities in Ecuador, Germany, and the United States Occupation based Community Development
SPTH142 Standard All Day Simone Coetzee and Anna Pettican Football and food-growing: Utilising the co-occupation continuum within participatory action research Occupation based Community Development
SPTH143 Standard All Day Donnamarie Krause Validation of a Conceptual Framework for Occupational Therapy's Role in Community Reintegration among Homeless Individuals Using the Model of Occupational Adaptation Occupation based Community Development
SPTH144 Standard All Day Elza Guzman Obstacles for Cognitive Assessments for Non-English Speaking Clients/Immigrant clients Occupation based Community Development
SPTH145 Standard All Day Kuzhilethu Kshepakaran Diversity and Inclusion: The Story of One Person's Journey to Find it Occupation based Community Development
SPTH146 Standard All Day Dominique Como Reducing Implicit Biases and Assumptions of Occupational Therapy Practitioners by Increasing Understanding of Intersectional Identities Occupation based Community Development
SPTH147 Standard All Day Susan Gilbert Hunt Holding the space of ambiguity: Supporting transformational learning and ethical practice Occupation based Community Development
SPTH148 Standard All Day Vivyan Alers – In memorium Psychodrama- appropriate for impact and diversity Occupational Based Community Development
SPTH149 Standard All Day Zona Rens International experiences of Australian occupational therapy lecturers in Vietnam: A reflection on the impact of knowledge exchange Occupation based Community Development
GP30307 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Ayat Al Lawati Interdependence in Occupational Therapy practice: providing culturally safe and relevant practice for clients from Eastern cultures. Occupation based Community Development
GP30107 Guided Poster 11:00 - 13:00 Lynsey McClean Occupational therapists' views of colleagues with seen and unseen disabilities Occupation based Community Development
SPTH150 Standard All Day Linda Rylands I feel strong and wonderful (as a) mother" - Building meaningful connections through infant massage classes with mothers who arrived as humanitarian entrants in Brisbane, Australia Occupation based Community Development
SPTH151 Standard All Day MIHO YOSHIDA Practical implication of OT works for refugee supports Occupation based Community Development
SPTH152 Standard All Day Marie-Christine Potvin Occupational therapy to support higher education successes for young adults with disabilities Occupation based Community Development
SPTH153 Standard All Day Kirsti Sarheim Anthun Photovoice - using photos to elicit participants' sense of occupation, belonging and identity Occupation based Community Development
SPTH154 Standard All Day Kirsti Sarheim Anthun Innovation in public sector. From knowledge to action, from action to knowledge - The Tröndelag Model of Public Health Work Occupation based Community Development
SPTH155 Standard All Day Clara Zerboni Fundamental training proposals in mental health in Argentina. Lanús: antecedents in interdisciplinary and community mental health with impact in occupational therapy development, national and regional health policies and experiences Occupation based Community Development
SPTH156 Standard All Day Sissel Horghagen The transformative potential of engagement in cultural activities for people in vulnerable life-situations Occupation based Community Development
SPTH157 Standard All Day Gavin Jenkins Occupied in City Parks: Exploring the Use and Impact of City Parks in Urban Neighborhood Occupation based Community Development
SPTH158 Standard All Day Madri Engelbrecht Employment as a means to occupational justice for youth with disabilities Occupation based Community Development
SPTH159 Standard All day Jaclyn Lekule, Keira DiSpirito and Sarah Rejman The Plaster House: A Program ReviewSub Title: Residential Occupational Therapy Delivery in Tanzania Occupation based Community Development
GP30305 Guided Poster 16:00 - 17:30 Arscil Rosario Gozon Project Unbounded: Sustaining a program for free and accessible occupational therapy in an island-province Occupation based Community Development
SPTH203 Standard All Day Tanya Benjamin-Thomas Occupational Justice Research: Key Directions for Extending into Action Occupation based Community Development
SPTH160 Standard All Day Rachel Russell The impact of sling fabrics on seated interface pressures in a healthy and disabled population. Do sling fabrics affect seated interface pressure? A tale of two populations Physical Health
SPTH162 Standard All Day Kate Barrett Implementing a Greenhouse: Sustainable occupation based practice for neurologically impaired clients in Quito, Ecuador Physical Health
SPTH163 Standard All Day Prasanna Dissanayake Pinch grip strength and dexterity among fine hand movement and non-fine hand movement users in their occupations at the National Hospital of Sri Lank Physical Health
SPTH164 Standard All Day Lisa Gregersen Oestergaard Case manager assisted rehabilitation for lumbar spinal fusion patients. Missing effect on functional disability, pain and return to work. A RCT with a 2 years follow-up Physical Health
SPTH165 Standard All Day Aliki Thomas How expert evidence-based occupational therapists conceptualise and enact their expertise: Results from an interpretive descriptive study Physical Health
SPTH166 Standard All Day Stacy Smallfield Evidence-Based Interventions to Support the Reading Performance of Older Adults with Low Vision Physical Health
SPTH167 Standard All Day Joanna Fletcher-Smith Upper limb recovery after stroke: the evidence base for rehabilitation Physical Health
SPTH168 Standard All Day Liana Cahill  SENSe: A science and evidence-based approach to helping stroke survivors regain a sense of touch Physical Health
SPTH169 Standard All Day Mireille Gagnon-Roy Developing smart home technology to assist individuals having sustained a traumatic brain injury during meal preparation: a protocol Physical Health
SPTH170 Standard All Day Kristin Nxumalo, Amber Bennett and Whitney Pike Mending Broken Hearts: Occupational Therapy's Distinct Role Across the Heart Failure Continuum of Care Physical Health
SPTH171 Standard All Day Kristin Nxumalo, Amber Bennett and Whitney Pike Demonstrating the Effectiveness of an Outpatient Occupational Therapy Program on Improving Self-Care for People with Heart Failure Physical Health
SPTH172 Standard All Day TBC Workforce Participation after Breast Cancer: Implications and Opportunities for Occupational Therapy Service Delivery Physical Health
SPTH173 Standard All Day Grace J. Kim Does Adherence to Instructions Affect Upper Extremity Motor Outcomes in Individuals with Stroke Using Robotics Training?  Physical Health
SPTH174 Standard All Day Leeanne Carey A Collaborative International Approach to Investigating Participation Outcomes in the first 12 months after Stroke Physical Health
SPTH175 Standard All Day Nandana Welage Development of first- and third-person motor imagery programs for people with chronic stroke Physical Health
SPTH176 Standard All Day Janna MacLachlan Translating global initiatives into local solutions: The role of occupational therapists (OTs) in addressing assistive technology access inequities through application of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) initiative to Northern Canadian practice Physical Health
SPTH177 Standard All Day Eva Månsson Lexell BUS TRIPS- a Self-management program for People with Cognitive Impairments after Stroke Physical Health
SPTH178 Standard All Day Lydia Engelbrecht An Investigation into the rehabilitation of patients with Tuberculosis of the Spine by Occupational- and Physiotherapists in Gauteng, South Africa. Physical Health
SPTH179 Standard All Day Rina Juel Kaptain The role of ADL functioning and technology use among people with COPD - impact on perceived quality of life Physical Health
SPTH180 Standard All Day Gunilla Carlsson Does a housing adaptation reduce fear of falling and falls? Physical Health
SPTH181 Standard All Day Joanna Fletcher-Smith A systematic review of patient peer mentoring interventions for people with acquired brain injury Physical Health
SPTH182 Standard All Day Vita Hagelskjær and Mette Krohn  Promoting the client-centered approach to adults with communication and cognition deficits following brain injury, using Talking Mats (TM) as a supportive method in the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM): A process evaluation using video-material and focus group Physical Health
GP30308 Guided Poster All Day Douglene Jackson A comprehensive approach for assistive technology assessment and intervention across the lifespan with diverse populations Physical Health
SPTH183 Standard All Day Pedro Almeida A kinematic and functional analysis of six orthoses for thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis Physical Health
SPTH184 Standard All Day Sue Berger Through the Eyes of Care Partner: Daily Experiences Living with a Person with Parkinson's Disease Physical Health
SPTH185 Standard All Day Louise Rosholm and Louise Spælling Andersen Differences in ADL ability between people with different types of advanced cancer – A cross-sectional study  Physical Health
SPTH186 Standard All Day Anne Lund Enjoyable company in sharing stroke experiences; - lifestyle groups after stroke Rehabilitation
SPTH187 Standard All Day Romain Bertrand How is driving cessation experienced by older people? An occupational perspective on the transition from driving to driving cessation Rehabilitation
SPTH188 Standard All Day Ruth Hersche Three-week inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with multiple sclerosis–related fatigue. A feasibility study Rehabilitation
SPTH189 Standard All Day Sigrún Gardarsdóttir Application of a service model for spinal cord injured Rehabilitation
SPTH190 Standard All Day Steven Park Enacting Client-Centred Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation: A Philosophy of Practice forGoal Planning and Outcome Evaluation Rehabilitation
SPTH191 Standard All Day Myriam Westhovens Occupational therapists in developing and implementing wellbeing at work: a participatory qualitative design study in a profit company setting Rehabilitation
SPTH192 Standard All Day Vanessa Jewell Use of the Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment to Design and Implement Authentic Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation
SPTH193 Standard All Day Navah Z. Ratzon Estimating the Efficiency of a Meta-Cognitive Intervention Program to Reduce the Risk Factors of Teenage Drivers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) while Driving Rehabilitation
SPTH194 Standard All Day Dorothy Edwards Development of Individualized Occupation Based Treatment Protocol for the Critical Periods after Stroke (CPASS) Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Treatment Trial Rehabilitation
SPTH195 Standard All Day Michele Berro The Utility and Effectiveness of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) to Ensure Occupation-Based Practice and Client-Centered Outcomes with Diverse Patient Populations Rehabilitation
SPTH196 Standard All Day Carole James Task Rotation in an underground coalmine Rehabilitation
SPTH197 Standard All Day I-Ching Chuang Determinants of change in health-related quality of life after upper-limb rehabilitation Rehabilitation
SPTH198 Standard All Day Ulrike Fellinger Staying mobile in old age – promoting occupational therapy interventions for Austrian senior citizens at risk of losing their community mobility. A bachelor students´ project Rehabilitation



Friday 25 May 2018
Poster No: Poster Type Time Presenter Name/s Title Category
SPF001 Standard All day Suzanne Martin Engaging people with dementia in research: Peer researcher experiences within aging research  Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF002 Standard All day Elizabeth Daphné Vlok Fall prevention in South Africa within a Care Facility for the elderly.  Refinement of a tool for screening risk for falls to inform intervention Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF003 Standard All day Nelia Kruger Fall prevention in South Africa. An investigation of evidence based fall prevention strategies as implemented in old age homes in the Breede Valley Municipality Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF004 Standard All day Lisa Juckett Older adult hunger: Justifying the role of occupational therapy in facilitating older adult engagement in food-related activities Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF005 Standard All day Ursula Costa The "Dementia- friendly Pharmacy" and "Enjoying Life - doing what "does well", also in odler age" ("Lebensfreude - auch im Alter tun, was gut tut") - one interdisciplinary health promotion program in the community, combining two Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF006 Standard All day Siaw Chui Chai Grip Strength, Pinch Strength, and Manual Dexterity among Older Adults Living in Elderly Residential Care Facilities: Dominant Hand Vs Non-Dominant Hand Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF007 Standard All day Tammy Bickmore Students, Art, and Occupation:  Promoting Occupational Justice for People with Dementia Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF008 Standard All day Said Nafai The Effectiveness of Hand Exercises and Thermal Modalities Agents in Managing Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Hands: A Randomized Controlled StudyResearch question was: Are hand exercises and/or thermal modalities effective treatments for the management of OA and RA in the hands? Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF009 Standard All day Jacinthe Savard An innovative fall prevention program offered by videoconference Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF010 Standard All day MOUAFFIK Camélia "Forgetting, this disease that metamorphosed my father": life stories of the caregivers in the Kingdom of Morocco Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF011 Standard All day Juan Pablo Saa Mapping the Distribution and Return to Work Predictors 6 Months After Stroke -  Analysis of Barnes Jewish Hospital's Stroke Registry, St. Louis, MO, USA (1996-2015)  Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF012 Standard All day Ana Isabel Beserra Macedo The Model of Human Occupation used as a tool for enhancing occupational therapy resident students´ practice skills Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF168 Standard All Day Michelle Lapierre Influence of neoliberal model in the OTs interventions with elderly people: the case of improving ADLs as a main objective Ageing and Health/Older Adults
SPF013 Standard All day Tharina Annandale A literature review: Finding a suitable adult sensory integration praxis measuring instrument to implement in South Africa Assessment & Intervention
SPF014 Standard All day Lis Sjöberg Long term results of early myoelectric prosthesis fittings - a prospective case-control study Assessment & Intervention
SPF015 Standard All day Marie Peny-Dahlstrand Using cognitive training (CO-OP Approach TM) as a rehabilitative tool for people with neuro-disabilities Assessment & Intervention
SPF016 Standard All day Livia Magalhães Relationship between motor coordination and obesity among Brazilian children - implications for occupational performance Assessment & Intervention
SPF017 Standard All day Jonika Oberholster Bridging the gap: From unemployment to gaining work skills. A supportive learning environment for young adults Assessment & Intervention
SPF018 Standard All day Marieta Visser Visual perception of five-year-old children in South Africa using the Beery VMI-6, DTVP-3 and TVPS-3 Assessment & Intervention
SPF019 Standard All day Patricia J Scott Participate in the translation project for the Role Checklist Version 3: A cross-culturally valid measure of participation consistent with the ICF and the Model of Human Occupation Assessment & Intervention
SPF020 Standard All day Paulette Guitard How to best prevent Heel Pressure Ulcers in acute care Assessment & Intervention
SPF021 Standard All day Tendero Musoro Clubfoot management of older children using the Ponseti method at Bindura Provincial Hospital, Zimbabwe Assessment & Intervention
SPF022 Standard All day Marleen Joubert The conservative management of patients with acute, closed, mallet finger injuries by occupational therapists in South Africa: A cross sectional survey Assessment & Intervention
SPF023 Standard All day Elin Karlsson Social validity in work related assessments Assessment & Intervention
SPF024 Standard All day Esther Steultjens How patient values regarding their daily occupations are crucial in (cost) effective interventions Assessment & Intervention
SPF026 Standard All day Shuling Wu Moving & Living from the Inner-Core: Integrating alternative health principles (Qi Gong Theory) to improve Occupational Performance Assessment & Intervention
SPF027 Standard All day Julie Burkin The Breathing, Thinking, Functioning Clinical model: an evidence-based approach to breathlessness management in chronic respiratory disease Assessment & Intervention
SPF028 Standard All day Lisa Crabtree Promoting Mental Health and Quality of Life of Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum and their Families Children, Youth and Families
SPF029 Standard All day Julianne Challita The impact of the Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform (PRPP) System of Intervention on improving children's social competence on the playground Children, Youth and Families
SPF030 Standard All day Sandra Rogers Go Baby Go: Providing Low Cost Powered Mobility to Children with Disabilities in China Children, Youth and Families
SPF031 Standard All day Dominique Como The Occupation of Oral Care: Improving Dental Encounters for Children with ASD Children, Youth and Families
SPF032 Standard All day Dominique Como Language matters: Hidden assumptions of healthcare professionals caring for children with Autism Children, Youth and Families
SPF033 Standard All day Donabel Baskaran Effectiveness of a variable air pressure vest in the regulation of attention levels in children with attention difficulties: Case Report Children, Youth and Families
SPF034 Standard All day Hanna Lampi Nurture and Play groups for Fussy Babies and their MothersCollaboration with Family Counciling Center in Espoo Children, Youth and Families
SPF035 Standard All day Loani Marx Current and future occupational performance priorities (OPPs) of adolescents with learning difficulties (LD) and their parents in South Africa Children, Youth and Families
SPF036 Standard All day Lian-Marie Drotsky Occupational engagement in the prevention and intervention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in South Africa Children, Youth and Families
SPF037 Standard All day Charles P. Jureidini Student Engagement Analysis of College Teenage Pregnant Mothers and Its Implication on their Occupational Performance Children, Youth and Families
SPF038 Standard All day Douglene Jackson Diagnostic Disparities and Functional Challenges of African American Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder Children, Youth and Families
SPF039 Standard All day Wan-Ju Huang Using KAWA Model to Promote Career Exploration for College Students Children, Youth and Families
SPF040 Standard All day Lis Sjöberg Parent's experiences of their role in decision and treatment for children with congenital limb deficiency Children, Youth and Families
GP40202 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Odochi Nwabara Human Trafficking Among Female Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults in the United States: An Exploratory Model Children, Youth and Families
SPF041 Standard All day Elizabeth DeGrace Families with Children with Autism:  An Exploration of Family Health Children, Youth and Families
SPF042 Standard All day Ank Eijkelkamp Family-centred practice and child participation: comparing the experiences of occupational therapists and primary caregivers Children, Youth and Families
SPF043 Standard All day Jonas S. Jensen Family-centered intensive boost A method in a cross sectorial and interdisciplinary-project for families with children age 0-8 with Cerebral Palsy (CP) Children, Youth and Families
SPF044 Standard All day Ramasubramanian Ponnusamy  Capturing service users' goals in an early intervention program in south India Children, Youth and Families
SPF045 Standard All day Jane Davis Occupational repertoire development: A new paradigm for occupational therapy practice with children Children, Youth and Families
SPF046 Standard All day Karla Ausderau Caregiver Strategies to Support Mealtime Participation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Observed and Reported Strategies Children, Youth and Families
SPF047 Standard All day Erna Blanche Optimizing Pediatric Outcomes by Combining Sensory Integration with Other Approaches Children, Youth and Families
SPF048 Standard All day Jennifer Kennedy How is universal design for learning described and implemented by occupational therapists and other health professionals in school settings: A scoping review Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF049 Standard All day Marie Peny-Dahlstrand The use of The Model of the Process of Doing (MPoD) explaining the impact of executive dysfunctions on occupational performance  Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF050 Standard All day Miranda Zwijgers iExpress : European international screening instrument for ICT skills by MDVI persons (0-4 developmental age) ; How is it build up? Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF051 Standard All day Donna Costa Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Resilience in Occupational Therapy: Tools for Professional Self-Care Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF052 Standard All day Vedrana Bolic Baric Internet Activities During Leisure: A Comparison Between Adolescents With ADHD and Adolescents From a Reference Group Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF053 Standard All day Tove Törnqvist You, me, we together for learning - Occupational therapists pedagogical work Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF054 Standard All day Tove Törnqvist Implementing a new and innovative educational approach to highlight occupational therapy competence within interprofessional education Contemporary Practice Issues
GP40103 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Anthony Thomas Ephraim Occupational Therapy Services: Struggles and Successes Towards Building a Holistic Service in a Limited Resource Area Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF055 Standard All day Zipporah Brown Strategies for Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant Academic Programs Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF056 Standard All day Tatenda John Maphosa The importance of Occupational therapy in a multidisciplinary approach to inclusive education: A practical experience in Lilongwe Malawi Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF057 Standard All day Shireen Damonse The impact of a play informed, classroom based occupational therapy intervention on the visual-motor integration skills and handwriting performance of foundation phase learners attending a low quintile school Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF058 Standard All day Michael Awood Perceptions and perceived benefits, and the role of emotional intelligence, in artificial intelligence within the South African health professional field Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF059 Standard All day Tim Barlott Mapping territories, resisting capture, and exploring freely-given relationships in mental health Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF060 Standard All day Dorothy Porcello Occupational Therapy Collaboration with Professionals in the Financial Sector to Address Financial Needs of Military Service Members with History of Traumatic Brain Injury Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF061 Standard All day Beth Fields Therapeutic Incorporation of Horses by Occupational Therapists: A Systematic Mapping Review of International Refereed Literature Published over 35 years, 1980 through 2015 Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF062 Standard All day Berla Moreira de Moraes Occupational Orchestration of Adults: A Relationship Between Time and Daily Activities Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF063 Standard All day Jan Garbarini First Responders' Perceived Preparedness for and Recovery from Disaster or Trauma Contemporary Practice Issues
GP40107 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Carmenita Dampies Occupational Therapy Technicians, a much needed category, but slowly dying Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF064 Standard All day Karina Dancza Articulating, Evolving and Learning: making an impact with the Career Development Framework Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF169 Standard All day Liliana Paganizzi and Silvina Montilla Bibliographical Atheneums. Reading, reflection and collective construction on contemporary Occupational Therapy Contemporary Practice Issues
SPF065 Standard All day Sheleen Aw Evaluating the effectiveness of the revised learning contract: A pilot study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF066 Standard All day Joanne Inman Effectiveness of occupational therapy mental health interventions: Advancing research to develop the evidence base Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF067 Standard All day Said Nafai The Status of Occupational Therapy in Morocco Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF068 Standard All day Elizabeth Stevens-Nafai and Said Nafai International OT Student Ambassador Experiences and Advocacy for the OT Profession in Morocco Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF069 Standard All day Lívia Celegati Pan Social Occupational Therapy in Public Schools Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF070 Standard All day Susan Magasi Teaching knowledge translation using a participatory curriculum design Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP40109 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Madeleine Duncan Lost in Translation: Using Q Methodology in Isixhosa Speaking Communities in South Africa Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF071 Standard All day Patricia J Scott Using the Model of Human Occupation to support translation of theory into practice: MOHO over time with practice examples from around the world Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF072 Standard All day Vrushali Kulkarni What guides our clinical mind? Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF073 Standard All day Margo van Hartingsveldt New developments in health and welfare challenged the new curriculum: positioned for impact Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF074 Standard All day Erica Blokker Future Occupational Therapists, embracing diversity Using a strengths-based approach  in education: practice what we preach Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF075 Standard All day Melania Ron Participation in the educational programs for family and caregivers. In a Rehabilitation Center –FLENI Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF076 Standard All day Alexa Trolley-Hanson Applying a Public Health Model in OT Education to Develop Student-Led Programs Promoting the Health and Wellness of Various Populations within a Community Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF077 Standard All day Claire Morress The Impact of Child, Family and Environmental Factors on the Occupational Participation of Young Children with Cerebral Palsy Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF078 Standard All day Jennifer Weaver Implementation Science: Ensure Greater Research Impact on Occupational Therapy Practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF079 Standard All day Marilyn B Cole and Anne Golensky Draw your wall: An occupational therapy group intervention addressing cognitive, social, and emotional barriers to occupational engagement Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF080 Standard All day Amy Darragh Holistic Admissions: Diversity in the OT Workforce Starts with OT Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF081 Standard All day Pat de Witt Clinical education: what clinical occupational therapists know Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF082 Standard All day Rhona Anderson Shaping our future occupational therapy leaders through clinical leadership Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF083 Standard All day Kim Schoessow Use of Simulated Patients and Video Feedback to Develop Therapeutic Use of Self in Occupational Therapy Students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP40102 Guided Poster 9:00 – 10:30 Katie Robinson The Enduring Legacy of Lena Hitchcock, World War 1 Occupational Therapy Reconstruction Aide Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF084 Standard All day Leslie Johnson Will that work here?  Attending to Context in Evidence-Based Practice Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF085 Standard All day Claire Morress Efficacy of Intensive Power Mobility Training for Very Young Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Single Case Study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF086 Standard All day Soemitro Poerbodipoero European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE); Educating High Quality Occupational Therapists for EuropeS strategic journey towards 2020 Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP40101 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Lynette Watson Crucial events in South African Occupational Therapy (1963-1974) inspired initiatives which rooted Occupational Therapy in measurable practice. The Pretoria Multi-motivational Therapeutic Apparatus (PMTA) and the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability (VdTMoCA) were important outcomes of this process Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF087 Standard All day Carla Silva Occupational therapy knowledge constructions in Brazil: collective and individual trajectories Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF089 Standard All day Lyle Duque The WFOT's Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists (2016): Harnessing its Potentials to Strengthen Education, Research, Practice & Leadership Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF090 Standard All day Elizabeth McKay The Voice of Women with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Their life experiences in their transition out of college Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF091 Standard All day Jill Massey he Elizabeth Casson Trust – Furthering Occupational Therapy  Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF092 Standard All day Marluuke Jakobs Increasing quality of skills training at OT universities in the Netherlands Innovative educational material concerning OT-skills training for a diverse population of students Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF093 Standard All day Lolita Cibule The Use of Canadian Occupational Performance Measure by Occupational Therapists in Latvia Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF094 Standard All day Alicia Swart To determine whether different types of therapeutic apparatus are utilized in clinical Occupational Therapy practice within South Africa Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF095 Standard All day Kim Schoessow A Model for a Low Vision Elective within Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Educational Programs Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP40104 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Gustavo Monzeli Multiple histories of occupational therapy in the context of Latin America: arrival, institutionalization and early years of development of the profession Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF096 Standard All day Marta Carvalho de Almeida Social Assistance: Field of Professional Activities and Challenges for Occupational Therapists in Brazil Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF097 Standard All day Paula Rabaey A Participatory Approach to Support International Learning about Occupation and Occupational Therapy Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
GP40208 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Kyle Karen Occupational Aesthetics: Improving the Quality of Occupation Based Interventions by Addressing Specific Practice Challenges Related to Globalization and Modernization Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF098 Standard All day Monica Robinson A Blueprint for Excellence in Interprofessional Simulation Education Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF099 Standard All day Francis Ekwan Motivated by clients' feedback; a struggle for excellence in hand rehabilitation by Ugandan Occupational Therapist Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF100 Standard All day Shanna Louwrens Sensory modulation patterns in children with Cerebral Palsy: A comparative-descriptive study Developing the profession of Occupational Therapy
SPF101 Standard All day Flávia Mazitelli Adolescence, diversity and health promotion: a group approach of Occupational Therapy in a primary school Health Promotion
SPF103 Standard All day Virginia (Ginny) Stoffel Building Leadership Capacity Towards an Inclusive Community of Occupational Therapy Leaders Health Systems planning/development
SPF104 Standard All day Nienke Polman "Glorious collaborations"! Evaluation of inter-professional collaboration in primary health care Health Systems planning/development
SPF105 Standard All day Jessica Richman and Rachael Colquhoun Exploring the motivations and experiences of expatriate occupational therapists working in London, United Kingdom Health Systems planning/development
SPF106 Standard All day Yazeed Khalid Alshammari Occupational Therapy Awareness Among Health Professionals Health Systems planning/development
SPF107 Standard All day Tasneem Mohomed The application of a mixed method study design to describe and explain the nature of occupational therapy services provided to pre-school aged children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder within the public health sector in Cape Town, Western Cape Impact of Occupational Therapy
GP40204 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Ieva Jekabsone "Take a Safe Step" - Social Campaign as a Tool to Increase Participation and Contribute to Society Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPF108 Standard All day Clara Zerboni and Victoria Tezanos Pinto Research on the results of the intervention of occupational therapy (OT) in fine motor skills (FM) in 4 year-old children that live in poverty Impact of Occupational Therapy
SPF109 Standard All day Nicholas Erasmus The Changing Face of Occupational Therapy in the Assessment of the Forensic Psychiatric Observandi in the South African Context Mental Health
SPF110 Standard All day Carina Tjornstrand The lifestyle intervention, Active in My Home (AiMH) for people with mental illness in supported housing - a pilot and feasibility study Mental Health
SPF111 Standard All day Carolyn De Reuck Initiating a mental health rehabilitation programme that addresses occupational needs of mental health users at a government clinic in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa Mental Health
SPF112 Standard All day Lindy Weaver Feasibility, Social Validity, and Outcomes of a School-Based Yoga Program for Anxiety Mental Health
SPF113 Standard All day Maggie Rosenberg Bridging divides: Occupational justice and family-centered approaches to address mental health with refugee children Mental Health
SPF114 Standard All day Anick Sauvageau Occupational Therapists' experience of the intervention with persons living with a Hoarding Disorder Mental Health
SPF115 Standard All day Emmé du Toit and Juanita Badenhorst African Drumming for Mental Health and Well-being Mental Health
SPF117 Standard All day Brittany St. John Exploring Health Promoting Occupations Through Photovoice for People with Intellectual Disabilities Mental Health
SPF118 Standard All day Gael Orsmond The Need for Occupational Therapists to Develop Programs and Supports for High School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Mental Health
SPF119 Standard All day Fadia Gamieldien Curriculum redesign: Exploring competencies for mental health service delivery Mental Health
SPF120 Standard All day Pamela Gutiérrez Progressive autonomy and daily life of children and adolescents with institutionalized intellectual disabilities Mental Health
SPF121 Standard All day Andrew Persch Decision support technology enhances the accuracy of customized employment practices for people with disabilities Mental Health
SPF122 Standard All day Ting Kao Effectiveness of a Ukulele Band for Adults with Serious Mental Illness Mental Health
GP40210 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Adrienne Daniels What's yours is mine: Reflections on identity and shared experiences of trauma Mental Health
GP40108 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Lynsey McClean and Elizabeth McKay Global Perspectives: How Occupational Therapy Professionals with Disabilities Impact Diverse Workforces Occupation based Community Development
SPF123 Standard All day Allison Burns Occupational Therapy and Community Development in Rural Uganda Occupation based Community Development
SPF124 Standard All day Tatiana Pontes The unique and the universal of occupation: Understanding how contexts shape the occupations children do Occupation based Community Development
SPF125 Standard All day Rieke Hengelaar Impact of diversity on collaboration between clients, informal caregivers and healthcare professionals: an intersectionality perspective Occupation based Community Development
SPF126 Standard All day Jeffrey Crabtree Therapeutic Use of Self in Prison: Two Studies--One Significant Finding Occupation based Community Development
GP40203 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Edal Kimando A pilot project on Improving access, equity, inclusion and use of improved sanitation and hygiene: positioning the most vulnerable population with severe disabilities in rural Kenya, to prevent acquired infections thereby ensuring all lead a productive healthy living through constructions of disability friendly toilets and availability of clean water Occupation based Community Development
SPF127 Standard All day Ellen Cohn OT Collaboration With a Science Museum and Public School to Support Social Participation and Inclusion for Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorder Occupation based Community Development
SPF128 Standard All day Clare Demberger Promoting Occupational Justice Through Student Projects in the Entry-Level OTD Curriculum Occupation based Community Development
GP40206 Guided Poster 9:00 – 10:30 Skender Redzovic Culture and participation - mapping the terrain Occupation based Community Development
GP40205 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Carla Silva Considering a critical, cultural and engaged occupational therapy  Occupation based Community Development
SPF129 Standard All day Stephanie Tremblay The effect of child, family and environmental factors on the participation of young children with disabilities Occupation based Community Development
SPF130 Standard All day Gustavo Monzeli Social occupational therapy and spaces of sociability of young transvestites Occupation based Community Development
SPF131 Standard All day Shelby Surfas Disconnected in the City: Positioned to Connect Occupation based Community Development
SPF132 Standard All day Josephine Alowo Participation in income generating activity to support OT education, professional development and creativity Occupation based Community Development
GP40207 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Susan Venter and Lee Hattingh Secondary Homelessness: A Sense of Lost Belonging Occupation based Community Development
GP40105 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Ana Nunes Black Empowerment: perspectives of a group of Brazilian Occupational Therapy students Occupation based Community Development
SPF133 Standard All day Sofía Murphy Reflections on the dissemination of available employment modalities in Argentina for people with disabilities. For years in Argentina, work inclusion of disabled people has been considered a public policy. Some laws determine the need of working with this subject, recognizing the right of these groups of people to work Occupation based Community Development
GP40106 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Felecia Banks The Unique Contributions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUS) in Occupational Therapy Education Occupation based Community Development
SPF134 Standard All day Renee Ortega Intercultural Preparedness of Therapists working in Low Socio-Economic Communities Occupation based Community Development
SPF135 Standard All day Teresa Avvampato Out of the Box: Building a Community of Change through Unique Service Delivery Occupation based Community Development
SPF136 Standard All day Mellissa Prunty Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Students' Experiences of Wheelchair Basketball as a Form of Inter-Professional Activity Occupation based Community Development
GP40201 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Elle Mustion Translating and cultivating culturally-relevant occupations: promoting community inclusion through vocational participation using an occupational therapy-designed curriculum for children with developmental disabilities living in Ghana, West Africa Occupation based Community Development
GP40209 Guided Poster 9:00 - 10:30 Hannarie le Roux Getting real: a unique experience in the treatment of gangsters."I was never taught how to treat gangsters" Occupation based Community Development
SPF137 Standard All day Carolynne White Developing and testing a grounded theory of the relationships between occupation, health, and well-being for adults living with chronic disease Physical Health
SPF138 Standard All day Juliet Mugga Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Nurses in a Tertiary Hospital in Kenya Physical Health
SPF139 Standard All day Lena Bergqvist Experiences of occupational performance in young adults with cerebral palsy Physical Health
SPF140 Standard All day Gavin Jenkins Through the "Blurred" Looking Glass - the sensory experience of the built environment Physical Health
SPF141 Standard All day Kudzayi Muteti Coping strategies amongst patients with traumatically acquired spinal cord injuries : A quantitative study Physical Health
SPF142 Standard All day Naja Benigna Kruse The association between having assistive devices and ADL ability and health-related quality of life: An explorative cross-sectional study of people with advanced cancer Physical Health
SPF143 Standard All day Gina Benavente Serving children with visual impairment, low vision, deaf/blind, and cortical visual impairment: Rethinking assessment and intervention strategies for increased participation in daily occupations in the educational setting Physical Health
SPF144 Standard All day Annick Van Gils Predicting life balance six months after stroke: the influence of motor and mental function Physical Health
SPF145 Standard All day Mackenzi Pergolotti CAncer REhabilitation (CARE) improves the quality of life for Older Adults with Cancer who have Fallen Physical Health
SPF146 Standard All day Mackenzi Pergolotti Possibilities for Activity Significantly Improved after Cancer Rehabilitation Physical Health
SPF147 Standard All day Åsa Larsson Ranada  Focus on the service delivery process in relation to users' satisfaction with and usability of assistive technology device – a systematic review Physical Health
SPF148 Standard All day Jodie de Bruyn The impact of motivation in stroke rehabilitation; the development of an occupational therapy program Physical Health
SPF149 Standard All day Jewell Dickson Developing an International Partnership to Address Assistive Technology Needs for Children with Disabilities in Jinja, Uganda Physical Health
SPF150 Standard All day Shamima Akter The Relationship Between Occupational Performance and Well-Being of Stroke Survival in a Selected Rehabilitation Centre of Bangladesh Physical Health
SPF151 Standard All day Brenda Frie 5 A Behavior Change Model for Lupus Self-Management Physical Health
SPF152 Standard All day Elisabete Roldão Manual Grasp Force of Adult Population and its Relation to Functional Disability in Clinical Context Physical Health
SPF153 Standard All day Eman Jafer Quality of Life and Performance of Daily Life Activities among Adult Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Kuwait Eman J. Abdullah, Hanan E. BadrKuwait University, Faculty of Medicine Department of Community Medicine and Behavioural Sciences Physical Health
SPF154 Standard All day Annalisa Belvedere Recovery Autonomy after a CNS serious injury : how is the importance of the sensory perceptual aspects? Physical Health
SPF155 Standard All day Bong-Keun Jung A Systematic Review on the Technology of Virtual Reality based Rehabilitation for Individuals With Disability Physical Health
SPF156 Standard All day Lisa Gregersen Oestergaard The cost-effectiveness of the "Cancer Home-Life Intervention". An economic evaluation of a randomised clinical study Physical Health
SPF157 Standard All day Phyllis Ross The Effectiveness of Decongestive Therapy on Activities of Daily Living to Improve Lower Body Dressing Skills Among Persons with Secondary Lymphedema Physical Health
SPF158 Standard All day Emma M. Smith Frugal Innovations: Reliability of construction of a locally-sourced pressure relieving wheelchair cushion for low-resourced settings Rehabilitation
SPF159 Standard All day Vidya Sundar Career self-management through job crafting for people with disabilities: A mixed methods study Rehabilitation
SPF160 Standard All day Lisbeth Nilsson Rehabilitation of patients with stroke and persistent neglect: possible outcomes of the intervention Driving to Learn Rehabilitation
SPF161 Standard All day Annelie Schedin Leiulfsrud Strategies for participation in society – from the perspectives of people with spinal cord injury in six European countries Rehabilitation
SPF162 Standard All day Carla Lucía Gualtieri Neurorehabilitation effectiveness based on Virtual Reality and Tele rehabilitation in patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Argentina. 'Reavitelem' study Rehabilitation
SPF163 Standard All day Samar Al-Hassani The Impact of Driving Cessation on Older Kuwaiti Adults: Implications to Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation
SPF164 Standard All day Leslie Johnson Creating Service Learning Opportunities within the University Community Rehabilitation
SPF165 Standard All day Munyaradzi Chimara Outcome evaluation of the work rehabilitation program for forensic psychiatry patients admitted to Mental Health Care Centre: A case study Rehabilitation
SPF166 Standard All day Michael Yankey Efficacy of Mirror Therapy in Hand Functioning for Hemiparetic Stroke Patients in Ghana Rehabilitation
SPF167 Standard All day Anne Dickerson OT-DRIVE: Integrating the IADL of Driving & Community Mobility into Routine Practice A model for general practice occupational therapists with a framework for risk identification, treatment planning and referral Rehabilitation