Grants Programme

Congress Grants Programme – Help us create a lasting legacy for occupational therapy across the globe

Help us raise the profile and standards of occupational therapy in low / middle income countries, by supporting delegates to attend WFOT congress in Cape Town May 2018.

For some congress delegates from countries with developing economies, the idea of attending the WFOT Congress may seem an impossible dream. Occupational therapists in many of these countries have very limited access to high quality continuing professional development and global networking opportunities, resulting in challenges to advance the role and practice of the profession to improve population health.

Giving individual occupational therapists the opportunity to attend a WFOT Congress can benefit not just the individual, but go on to have a lasting legacy in their own country for the profession and public. It is an investment in the future of occupational therapy and service delivery.

With the Congress being held in South Africa, this affords a wonderful opportunity for delegates from the African continent to attend this event. This may be a once in a lifetime chance for a delegate to network with international colleagues, to share their expertise with the international community and share their learning and new knowledge with their professional community back at home. WFOT recognises the financial constraints and the economic difficulties in some African countries, as well as other low / middle income countries, therefore the grant is aimed to enable as many participants from Africa and around the world to attend.

How can you contribute to invest in the future of occupational therapy and service delivery?

  1. Congress registration process – When you complete a registration form to attend the congress, there will be an option to contribute your preferred amount to the Grants Programme.
  2. Online contribution form – A 'Grants Contribution' link will be set up on the Congress website to enter in your contribution details and preferred payment method. (Information coming soon)
  3. Group Fund Raising project – Get together with your association, or with a group of your colleagues, to help raise funds towards hosting a delegate to attend the Congress. Payment can be made through the online contribution form, or by contacting the WFOT Congress Office on the details below. If you participate in a Group Fund Raising Project, you may also have the opportunity to identify where your funds will be directed.
  4. Contribute at the WFOT Fundraising portal

Please note that all contributions are made in USD.

As a guide, please see below the approximate funds needed to support a delegate from different region. (All amounts are in USD)
South Africa US$550 to US$1,450
Africa US$1,650 to US$2,700
South America US$1,900 to US$2,900
Asia US$1,900 to US$2,600
Eastern Europe US$2,000 to US$2,600

The aims of the programme are to:

  • raise funds to support the attendance of delegates in low / middle income countries
  • ensure that successful applicants demonstrate a commitment to professional leadership through disseminating the learning on returning home; this may be in an association, academic, research or clinical context
  • focus on providing access to as many African delegates as possible to attend the Congress, with the view to extend assistance to other low / middle income countries.

The full grants will include a full congress registration, including the welcome reception, and support towards travel and accommodation costs. Other grants may be provided to give assistance towards part of Congress costs in order to aid attendance for delegates in low /middle income countries.

By supporting African delegates, we not only are able to stretch contributed funds further as travel costs will be lower, but having the Congress in Cape Town provides easier and more direct access for African nations.


Before completing the online form think carefully about these requirements below and be sure to review the Selection Criteria and Terms and Conditions.

  • Describe the professional benefits you anticipate gaining personally by attending the congress.
  • Describe how your participation at the congress can positively affect the practice or organisation you work for.
  • Describe the knowledge you are hoping to gain and how this will impact your local community.
  • Outline your plan for how you will share what you learn at the congress with local colleagues.
  • If you hold a leadership role within your association or place of work/study, please describe how congress attendance will benefit your role.

Closing date: Now Closed
Notification Date: Early March 2018

Selection Criteria

A Congress 2018 Grants Committee has been established to assess each Grant application taking into account the funding available. Full grants are made to cover costs for attendance at the congress. Other funding may be provided to assist in partial subsidy of Congress costs.  Grants will be assigned to suitable applicants based on fulfilment of certain conditions, which form the selection criteria below:

  1. Grants will be made to applicants who can demonstrate that their attendance will professionally benefit them and their peers as well as those in their local community; and that their attendance at Congress may be the only way that information from Congress can be shared with peers and clients in the local community.  The Grants Committee will look for evidence of the applicant's existing contribution to their professional community and upon their return, the ability for them to impart their newfound knowledge and skills.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who are members of their national association (if available in that country).
  1. Priority will be given to applicants from countries classified by the World Bank as 'low income/lower middle income/upper middle income' , in addition to information regarding the average salary of an OT in that country.
  2. Priority will be given to applicants who have been selected to give a presentation at Congress 2018.

Grant Recipient Terms and Conditions
  • Grant recipients must submit a report within 2 months of the congress reporting on their experience and the impact of attending the WFOT Congress (failure to do so may lead to a refund being sought by WFOT). Information provided within these reports may be used by WFOT on its website social media and in e-newsletters for promotional purposes.
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit an article to the journal/newsletter of the funding association and the WFOT Bulletin, as well as any local publication they may have about their attendance and their key learning experiences whilst in South Africa
  • Grant recipients commit to return to their home country at the end of the congress.
  • Successful candidates will be required to sign an undertaking indicating that any expenses/payments made on their behalf will be repaid if they do not attend the WFOT Congress 2018.
  • Grant recipients and amounts will be determined by WFOT.
  • WFOT retain the right to make final decisions regarding the selection of successful candidates.
  • WFOT is responsible or liable for the Grant recipients during their stay in Cape Town.
  • WFOT does not accept any responsibility or liability for the visa application procedure. Expenses will not be reimbursed until required visa has been obtained.
  • WFOT does not accept any liability for damages occurring from or resulting by visiting the WFOT Congress 2018, or during an applicant's stay in Cape Town. Grant recipients are responsible for their own travel insurance.