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WFOT Congress 2022 Grants Programme

Help us create a lasting legacy for occupational therapy across the globe.

The WFOT needs your help to support occupational therapists to attend the WFOT Congress in Paris in August 2022. WFOT supports the rights of occupational therapists to engage in continuing professional development and global networking regardless of where they live in the world. Attending the WFOT Congress creates opportunities to network with international colleagues, share expertise with the international community and disseminate learning and new knowledge with professional community back at home. Cultural and professional connections can be formed to strengthen the professional global community and promote long lasting collaborations.

However, in reality it is not always possible for occupational therapists working in low and middle income countries or those on low incomes to attend, and thus WFOT is committed to facilitating ways to reduce these financial barriers. For example, WFOT has a tiered WFOT Congress registration fee structure, and has established the Congress Grants Programme which supported 20 attendees to attend the 2018 WFOT Congress.

The aims of the Congress Grants Programme are to:

  • raise funds to support the attendance of as many occupational therapists as possible from low / middle income countries
  • promote professional leadership through dissemination of knowledge gained at Congress, for example in an association, academic, research or clinical context

How can you contribute to the Congress Grants Programme?

  1. Congress registration process – When you complete a registration form to attend the Congress, there will be an option to contribute your preferred amount to the Grants Programme.
  2. Online contribution form – Click on the form below to enter your contribution details and preferred payment method.
  3. Group Fund Raising project – Get together with your association, or with a group of your colleagues, to help raise funds towards hosting a attendees to attend the Congress. Payment can be made through the online contribution form, or by contacting the WFOT Congress Office on the details below. If you participate in a Group Fund Raising Project, you may also have the opportunity to identify where your funds will be directed.

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2018 Grants Recipients

Read the profiles of some of our 2018 recipients by clicking on their photo below.