Message from the WFOT President

No one imagined at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) 1990 Congress in Melbourne that by the next time the Congress came ‘down under’, we would conduct most of our daily business by Internet, that we would use mobile phones to send photos around the world, that we would store music in iPods, and that we would undertake literature searches without going to the library.

Much has changed over the last fifteen years, and the profession of occupational therapy has changed as well. We have changed the way we practice, research, study and teach occupational therapy, they way we communicate, structure our organisations, and deliver our services.

One thing, however, has not changed.

The commitment, passion, and dedication that has always characterised our profession was once again in evidence in Sydney in July 2006, at the staging of the 14th Congress of the WFOT.

Hosted by OT AUSTRALIA, the event explored the latest innovations and issues facing occupational therapists from around the world, and examined the global nature of our profession, and showed us how, by working together at both local and global levels, we can truly become ‘OTs In Action’.

Occupational therapists around the world are breaking new ground, creating new initiatives, and addressing the leading edge issues, and this was illustrated in every one of the informative, stimulating and often challenging presentations, workshops, forums, displays and seminars presented at the 2006 WFOT Congress.

The WFOT 2006 Congress in Sydney gave us the opportunity to share and showcase our developments, our research, our interests, and our visions. Using the tools and technology now available in our fast-paced global society, occupational therapists are creating our future.

Dr Kit Sinclair, PhD
World Federation of Occupational Therapists