Congress Closing Ceremony

Whilst Dr Thibeault’s presentation was certainly a hard act to follow, the WFOT 2006 Closing Ceremony managed to lift our spirits even further.

Following an overview of the week by the immediate past president of the WFOT, Carolyn Webster, current President Dr Kit Sinclair acknowledged the many individuals and groups that contributed their time, energy and enthusiasm to ensuring the success of the event.

The hosts of the next Congress, Team Chile, were introduced, and delegates were treated to a preview of the magnificent welcome that awaits us at the 15th Congress of the WFOT.

Finally, OT AUSTRALIA CEO David Duncan and President Carol Crocker ‘passed the baton’ to Team Chile, with the presentation of a beautiful crystal globe, a symbol of the international nature of the WFOT Congress.

It was difficult to imagine that the week had come and gone so quickly, but the experiences shared, friendships made, and spirit of unity fostered during the 2006 Congress is sure to last a lifetime.

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