Keynote Speakers

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Mary Law's biography

Mary Law, Ph.D., FCAOT is a Professor and Associate Dean (Health Sciences) Rehabilitation Science and associate member of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University. She holds the John and Margaret Lillie Chair in Childhood Disability Research. Mary is co-founder of CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research, a …  read more

Mary Law - Learning by Doing: Creating Knowledge for Occupational Therapy



Sandra Galheigo´s biography

Sandra Galheigo, PhD., is an Assistant Professor in the Occupational Therapy Program, Faculty of Medicine at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Sandra was awarded her bachelor degree in occupational therapy at the School of Rehabilitation of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1977), her Master in Education at the University of Campinas, Brazil (1988), and her PhD in Social Sciences at the University of Sussex, in the …  read more


Sandra Galheigo – What needs to be done? Occupational therapy responsibilities and challenges regarding human rights



Manfred Max-Neef’s biography

Dr. Manfred Max-Neef has been qualified in the top hundred visionaries of the 20th Century, one of the fifty key thinkers on Development and world leaders in Sustainability, and a wise man of our era.
Creator of the Principles of Barefoot Economics and of the Human Scale Development Theory, he was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize by the Swedish Parliament in 1983.
Dr. Max-Neef is Professor of Ecological Economics at Universidad Austral de Chile, is Director of Instituto de Economía and maintains a close cooperative relationship with various groups of researchers in Europe and Latin America.
His presentation will offer a new perspective on a range of factors influencing occupational therapy practice on. …  read more


Manfred Max Neef – The need for an anti-neoliberal therapy