Santiago Education Day 2010.

I wish to begin this brief report, sincerely thanking the delegates who attended Education Day Santiago 2010. For those of us who had the honor and responsibility of leading this event, which certainly does not end yet, we feel like members of the recent history of the Occupational Therapy profession. For the first time, Education Day took place in a Spanish speaking country, in Latin America, with simultaneous interpretation, using methodologies born in our continent, which have been part of the tradition and the development of the discipline in this part the world.
It has been the work of each of the delegates who embraced and used the chosen methodology, which allowed us to collect important information about the training of Occupational Therapists around the world. We continue to systematize we can shortly present you with the final document.

Finally, in only a few words, I would like to thank Sharon Brintnell, President of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists for the confidence, support and recognition given to us, and by extension, to all the members of the Executive Committee, with whom we share a close professional and personal relationship.

A fraternal embrace from Chile and Latin America,

Daniela Olivares
Education Day Committee.

Education Day 2010 Pictures

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