Congress 2010

The WFOT Congress, held May 4 – 7 in Santiago Chile, was a resounding success! Over 2000 Occupational Therapists from across the world joined together in 4 days of professional development, networking and celebrating our profession. Delegates came from sixty-five (65) countries – the top 5 represented countries include Chile (392), Brazil (216), USA (196), Canada (121), and Japan (115). The Academic Programme was packed with 1290 presentations, in a variety of formats, including 517 Orals/Workshops and 776 Posters – 150 of which were either guided or prime posters. This extensive programme provided a range of learning opportunities ranging from descriptions of practice in various communities to the latest research in occupational therapy. The programme reflected themes including human rights, culture and occupation, and the Latin American perspective.

Keynote speakers were a highlight of the programme.

  • Dr Sandra Galheigo from Brazil advocated that social meaning, social justice and political action are essential features of Occupational Therapy practice and thinking.
  • Professor Mary Law from Canada examined how to use current knowledge and how to create the knowledge needed for the future.
  • Dr Manfred Max-Neef from Chile, spoke on the economic influences on health care in Latin America and other countries, and examined the inequities and challenges involved.
WFOT held a stimulating plenary session highlighting the work of the organization with member countries, the World Health Organisation and other key international groups. Awards were made to Honorary Fellows Dr. Rosemary Crouch (South Africa) and Inga-Britt Lindstrom (Sweden), and to Mr Lyle Duque from the Phillipines who was the recipient of the Thelma Cardwell Research Award.

The Congress programme was supported by the PreCongress Workshop Programme and Education Day. The Education Day program was based on the work of Latin American educationalist Paulo Freire, and provided a unique insight into community based education for participants. At PreCongress workshops, topics such as "Play as therapy", "Promoting Occupational Participation", "Therapeutic Storytelling" and "KAWA Model" engaged delegates in interactive learning.

WFOT thanks Team Chile and all who were involved in bringing this highly successful Congress to fruition.

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Programme Pictures