El Comité del Congreso recibió muchas solicitudes de financiamiento de TOs que por razones financieras tenían dificultades para asistir al Congreso 2010. Gracias a la generosidad de diferentes grupos, asociaciones e individuos que contribuyeron fondos para becas, WFOT ha podido ayudar a delegados que de lo contrario no habrían podido asistir al Congreso 2010. Queremos reconocer la generosidad de muchos participantes y organizaciones del mundo que han donado fondos al Programa de Becas de WFOT, y ayudado a 15 de nuestros colegas de Argentina, Chile, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, para encontrarse con nosotros en Santiago.

Feedback from Grant Participants

Prakash Kumar
It was around 11 O'clock in the morning when I arrived at Santiago Airport, unknown city and the different language, created a little hesitation. Anyway I did my formalities and finally reached the conference venue.

First thing what I got their was my card then the warm welcome by Denise Broeren. Then after the inaugural speech by different scholar and meeting with other associates, I realized the attachment here which was greater than the bonding of any language and region.

As I am writing this piece, the conference is almost done and at this moment I describe this event as the best experience of my life at the personal as well as professional front. …  read more


Md. Aminul Hoque Chowdhoury
Dear Cristiance Mentrup,

This is Md. Aminul Hoque Chowdhoury, an occupational therapist from Bangladesh who presented a paper at WFOT Congress 2010 in Santiago, Chile. I am ever grateful to you for funding me to attend at the congress. It was an exciting experience for me as well as for my colleagues. It is one of the most learning experiences of my life. I have learnt many things about diversity of occupational therapy practices around the world from the congress. I am sharing those experiences with my colleagues as well as with the upcoming students. They are being excited to hear from me and they are also being inspired to do more research for presenting at next congress. …  read more